Should I buy a 10 year old car?  Should I buy a used car for many years?

Should I buy a 10 year old car? Should I buy a used car for many years?

Should I buy a used car for a few years? Should I buy a speeding car? Should I buy a 10 year old car? All will be answered below.

With buying a used car, in addition to issues such as whether to buy Cheap imported used car, should buy used oil motorbikes… should buy a used car for a few years is also something that makes many people wonder.

Should I buy a used car for many years?

The average depreciation rate of a car is from 10 to 15 years. According to experts, when buying a used car, it is best to choose a used car less than 6 years. Because then the use value of the car is still much.

Of course the condition of the car depends on many factors such as the type of vehicle, the model of vehicle, the brand and especially the way of care, maintenance of the owner … For example Japanese models as Toyota car, motorbike, Mitsubishi car… Famous for being more durable and stable cars. If you are cared for carefully, drive properly, maintain the company’s maintenance schedule … will keep better performance.

However, in general, cars used from 1 to 6 years have not worn out or been badly degraded. Spare parts, components have not been replaced much. Operating systems such as engines, gearboxes, steering systems … are still mostly stable. Exterior conditions such as car paint or interior conditions such as car seat systems, screen entertainment system – speakers, air conditioning system … are almost still good.

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When buying a used car, it is best to choose a used car less than 6 years old

In the 1 – 6 years range, according to many technicians the ideal mold to buy used cars that is less than 3 years. Because at this time, except the car is quite new, even very new, the car is also within the genuine warranty period. So everything will have a higher guarantee.

Should I buy a speeding car?

Buying a speeding car is a very good choice, especially for those who are wondering should buy a new or old car. Because surfing vehicles are vehicles often with the number of kilometers not exceeding 10,000 – 20,000 km, the use time is less than 1 year.

When buying a car, buyers can save up to a hundred million in registration tax and license plate fees. Because the registration tax to buy a new car is up to 10%, the highest license plate fee is up to 20 million VND. The registration tax for buying used cars is only 2% and there is no additional cost to the license plate if you buy a car in the same province. The costs of buying a used car such as the fee for changing the car owner, the registration fee is not high.

Buying a surf car, the buyer can benefit greatly

Buying a surfing car has another advantage that you can “enjoy” more “toys”, car accessories that the previous owner has added such as a dashcam, carpet, leather upholstery, ceramic coating, underbody cover, upgrade car Android screen, upgrade car speaker… The total value of these upgrades can range from a few tens to more than a hundred million dong.

In addition, with speeding cars, buyers also have the opportunity to benefit if the previous owner has spent heavily on buying packages. material covered high value.

Meanwhile, due to the low usage, surfing cars are often very new, new from 90% or more. The car is still in the genuine warranty period, so the cost of keeping the car is low, the quality assessment is quite simple, there is no need to worry about the risk of damage. Buyer does not have to lose the effort check the car engine, Check the car paint, check the car interior… like old cars used for many years. Therefore, in fact, there is no need to experience buying a car surfing.

The only drawback of surfing cars is that the amount of surfing cars is not much. Because cars are a great asset, only when they are in a difficult situation, they need money urgently that they can sell cheap cars. There are also cases for sale because after buying a car, feeling dislike, inappropriate … However, this case is very rare, because before buying a car, almost everyone will learn very carefully.

Should I buy a 10 year old car?

The average rate of car depreciation is from 7% – 10% / year. Thus, it can be seen that the use value of 10-year old cars is still very low. Whether it is a popular popular car or a luxury car, after 10 years it has certainly worn out and deteriorated a lot. Therefore, the risk of malfunction or damage is very high. In terms of safety, it is not really guaranteed.

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Do not buy a 10 year old car because the risk is very high

Buying a 10-year old car in order to run well often has to change spare parts and components quite a lot, even repair the engine, “overhaul” the machine. All of these costs can be more than the amount of the car.

So although the price of a 10-year old car is very cheap, very attractive. But the risks involved are also very high. This is why a deep old car or a 10 year old car is included in the group used cars should not be purchased, lying in the “black” list with categories refund taxi, old car is hydrostatic, an old car has an accident

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Frequently asked questions about buying a used car

? How many years old car should I buy?

Reply: According to experts, you should buy used cars under 6 years of use. Because when this car is still good, not worn out or degraded much. If you want peace of mind, you can buy a used car at a genuine warranty company.

? Should I buy a 10 year old car?

Reply: Do not buy a 10-year old car because the use value is not much, and the risk of damage is high. Repair and restoration costs can be very high.

? Should I buy a speeding car?

Reply: Buying a surfing car is a very worthwhile choice. Surf cars are usually very new, while the cost is lower than buying a new car 100%. Buyers can also benefit from accessories, car insurance packages… that the former owner has invested.

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