Should covered under the car? How much does car topcoat coating cost?

Should covered under the car? How much does car topcoat coating cost?

A lot of places advertised under anti-noise roar, anti-rust roar, insulated… so how is it damaged? Should we cover car underbody? How much is the chassis covered by cars?

What is covered under car?

Car undercoating is the spraying on the entire surface of the car with a special chemical paint. Car undercoat is usually a thick solvent based mixture of synthetic resins or young rubber. This special paint helps protect the chassis from harmful factors from the outside environment, makes it easier to clean the chassis, increases the aesthetics, and supports sound insulation.

Car undercoating is the spraying on the entire surface of the car with a special chemical paintCar undercoating is the spraying on the entire surface of the car with a special chemical paint

Should covered under the car?

Car basements are the easiest places to rust, wear and degrade

In car parts, undercarriage is the place most likely to suffer the harmful effects from the outside environment.

Car chassis is the lowest part of the car, only 120-250 mm from the middle road. Sedans / hatchbacks like Kia Morning, Toyota Vios, Toyota Camry … have quite low undercarriage, range 130-150 mm. While the 5-seater or 7-seat crossover / SUV like Mazda CX-5, Honda CR-V, Toyota Fortuner … has a higher chassis but also only ranges from 170 to 220 mm.

This makes the chassis constantly exposed to sand, gravel, dirt, water, mud, asphalt, grease, salt salts … and many impurities … from the road surface. These agents will not only stain, but also cause rust, corrosion, scratches, deformation … car chassis details. In addition to the fact that the road conditions in our country have not been developed synchronously, a number of places with complicated road terrains increase the risk of chassis damage.

Undercarriage is the place where most of the environmental damage is caused by the environmentUndercarriage is the place where most of the environmental damage is caused by the environment

On the other hand, our country is a country with a humid tropical climate, lots of sunshine and lots of rain. The chassis details are mostly made of metal. Rains and humidity make the humidity change frequently, creating the ideal conditions for oxidation and acidification to progress faster … This is the reason why cars undergo rapid deterioration, rusty joints, wear and tear. wear, decay … affect the chassis structure.

Meanwhile, the chassis concentrates a lot of important parts such as the chassis supporting the whole vehicle, the transmission shaft, the differential, suspension, wheel system, exhaust system … , the car undergoes rust, corrosion, deformation … does not simply cause aesthetic loss, more importantly, affects the operation of one or more parts of the car, even make the chassis weakening. To fix it will cost a lot of costs.

The repair of rusted undercarriage costs a lot of costsThe repair of rusted undercarriage costs a lot of costs

Is the original car chassis covered with paint?

Currently, most cars before shipping to the hands of the manufacturer are calculated by the manufacturer to protect against car undercarriage. However, with popular cars, especially cheap cars, the quality of this coating is not high.

According to Pham M. Tien (automotive technician in Ho Chi Minh City): “According to the standard, every car is covered by a ground paint manufacturer, usually 2 layers. However, because in order to lower the selling price, especially low-priced cars or assembled cars, these coatings are easily cut, thinner, and not of high quality. ”

Mr. Tien added: “The quality of the undercarriage is not high, so our roads are covered with dirt, rainwater, flooded roads, macadam… the paint is easy to peel off for a long time. Spraying water, the stains in the undercarriage are difficult to clean completely. Should drive a few years, often undergone chassis, smeared, speckled rust … ”

Paint Paint “zin” according to the car usually not resistant to high rust

Car coating coating effect?

Car coating is a solution to reinforce and enhance the protection of the whole chassis. Car undercarriage paint has many effects:

  • Anti-rust – anti-corrosion

Special automotive underlay coatings are able to prevent oxidation – acidification, rust and corrosion protection. In rooftop coatings, there is usually a very high content of antioxidants and corrosion protection. Dirt roads, red dirt roads, muddy roads, flooded (rain water, salt water) … car owners can be assured not to worry about rust, corrosion … because the underbody has been reinforced with many layers of paint protect.

Automotive undercoat has anti-oxidant effect against rust and corrosionCar undercarriage coating has the effect of anti-oxidant rust, anti-acid and corrosion …

In addition, there are many solvents containing plastic-based components and rubber in the paint coating solution to help the paint permanently elastic. This paint helps to seal cracks, joints, small holes, etc. to protect internal details and prevent the risk of metal corrosion. If you ask if you should spray anti-rust under the car, the answer is definitely yes, especially when you are busy, less time to wash the car, take care, maintain the chassis.

  • Anti-scratch, deformation

Besides the rust, corrosive substances … the chassis is also very vulnerable to scratches, damage, even deformation due to sharp objects, rocks hitting or scratching … In our country road conditions, the situation gravel and stone hitting the ground is very common. In addition, climbing the curb, moving bad roads, burrs … with low-tech cars is not very easy to be scratched causing scratches and roars …

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Covering underbody of cars also has anti-scratch effect, limiting chassis deformationCovering underbody of cars also has anti-scratch effect, limiting chassis deformation

The solvents contain plastic and rubber based components in the car coating component, which helps the car to avoid scratches, damage from splashes, light undercarriage, etc.

  • Soundproof, anti-noise

Is noise-proof chassis really effective as advertised? This issue attracts a lot of people interested and debated. According to experts, undercarriage coating is not considered an orthodox soundproof solution that brings about the effectiveness as many “divinely” introductions. However, automotive undercarriage paints really support soundproofing and anti-noise for cars. Depending on the type of coating as well as the number of coatings, the roasting coating has a negative effect, reducing noise from 20% – 60%.

Many people today choose to use a noise-proof roar for carsMany people today choose to use a noise-proof roar for cars

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Firstly, as mentioned above, the undercoat coating (often more than 1 coat) helps seal the joints, gaps … prevent wind and noise from getting inside.

The second in roasting paint has many solvents containing plastic and rubber components. Repainting is covered with many layers, the last layer is rough or lumpy with the ability to support soundproofing, anti-noise, limiting the noise echoing from the underbody. The lumpy paint is commonly used in the wheel cavity to enhance soundproofing, echoing, echoing kicking from the wheel cavity.

Granular paint enhances the sound wheel cavityGranular paint enhances the sound wheel cavity

Especially if you choose a ground cover with synthetic rubber or young rubber, the ability to enhance sound insulation will be more effective. Spraying young rubber under the car will create an elastic coating, significantly reducing echoes from the wheel cavity, scratching sound, crackling sound when kicks hit the underbody, wheel cavity.

  • Thermal insulation – limiting the absorption of heat from the road surface

Not only soundproofing, car sprays can also support insulation, which is considered as a way to prevent heat for cars. The temperature in the car increases not only due to the heat from the roof of the car, the windshield but also due to the high temperature bouncing from the road surface. The car coating coating has the ability to support against heat, insulation under the car.

Car undercarriage helps limit the absorption of heat from the road surfaceCar undercarriage helps limit the absorption of heat from the road surface

  • Maintain aesthetics, easy hygiene

Spraying cars under the car makes cleaning under the car easy, because impurities such as dirt, grease, mud … will be difficult to cling to the chassis. Car chassis looks newer, cleaner.

Car undercarriage helps to keep the chassis cleanCar undercarriage helps to keep the chassis clean

Should cover the car chassis when?

Newly purchased cars

Many car owners have just bought a new car wondering whether or not to paint the chassis of a new car. Because newly purchased cars already have a very new underbody paint layer, not damaged, the extra coating costs money. According to experts, the most effective car undercover cover is when the car is just purchased because the chassis is still “zin” has not been worn out, damaged, rusted …

Should cover the car chassis when buying a new carShould cover the car chassis when buying a new car

When buying a new car, the chassis itself has not been contaminated with rust, corrosion … In this case, the process of painting the car’s chassis will be simpler. The cleaning roar quickly. No need to rust removal. On the other hand, the ability to link the coatings with the “zin” paint of vehicles is the most durable. Thus covering the car chassis when buying a new car will help the ability to protect the highest level. Experts advise that if you decide to spray under the car, you should do it as soon as possible.

Old cars show signs of rust

With cars over many years of use when the chassis appears signs of rust, you need to remove rust marks and spray protection under the chassis protection immediately. Because the appearance of rust shows that the “zin” undercoat has shown signs of deterioration. If not rusted, the rust will spread over time, affecting the details under the chassis as well as the entire chassis structure.

Should spray under the car as soon as possibleShould spray under the car as soon as possible

Types of car paint finishes

There are many types of car undercarriage paints available. Some famous undercarriage brands used by many automotive undercoats are as follows:

Liqui Moly topcoat

Origin: Germany

Composition: Synthetic resin root

Color: Black, gray


  • Dry fast
  • Good adhesion on many surfaces
  • Effective noise cancellation

Liqui Moly topcoatLiqui Moly topcoat

Wurth roar coating

Origin: Germany

Ingredients: Original plastic – rubber



  • Anti-vibration, noise reduction
  • Covered, strong adhesive
  • Contains no ingredients methanol, toluene, xylene …

Wurth roar coatingWurth roar coating

Undercarriage coating

Origin: Germany

Composition: Plastic root – synthetic rubber

Color: Black, gray


  • Sound absorption, noise reduction
  • Good abrasion resistance, high elasticity
  • Quick dry

Undercarriage coatingUndercarriage coating

Vaber Tex undercarriage coating

Origin: Italy

Composition: Rubber and PVC

Color: Black, gray, white


  • Good sound absorption
  • Health safety
  • Fire protection

Vaber Tex undercarriage coatingVaber Tex undercarriage coating

Coating under 3M

Origin: USA

Ingredients: Alkyd Polymer material

Color: Black, gray, white


  • Good elasticity, reduce impact
  • Noise reduction
  • Quick dry

Coating under 3MCoating under 3M

Car coating process

Each facility, car care and beauty center will often have its own coating process. However, most automotive spraying processes include the stages:

  • Remove unpainted parts
  • Cleaning undercarriage and wheel cavity: Water cleaning, specialized cleaning solution …
  • Check, remove rust stains
  • Cover uncoated areas
  • Conduct spray coating under the wheel and wheel cavity
  • Drying the paint with a heat drying lamp (infrared light)
  • Proceed to the next layer (if any)
  • Dry the last layer of paint, reattach the removed parts, open the glue – nylon paste, clean the car

The number of undercoat paints depends on the spraying facility as well as the type of paint. Normally, establishments usually paint 1 – 4 layers depending on the roasting package.

Coating price for cars under the car

Car undercarriage cover price depends on the model and type of undercarriage … According to the surveys at many car sprays, the overall undercarriage price is as follows:

Range of vehicle Undercarriage of cars
4 – 5 seater vehicles of Class A (Kia Morning, Hyundai i10, Toyota Wigo, Honda Brio …) 2 – 3.5 million
4 – 5 seats with class B and above (Toyota Vios, Toyota Camry, Mazda 3, Hyundai Accent …) 2.8 – 4 million
5 seats with high ground / 7 – 8 seats common (Mazda CX5, Toyota Innova, Honda CRV …) 3.5 – 5 million
Luxury car From VND 4 million

The price above is the price of basic car chassis coating. In addition to the basic package, many establishments and car spraying centers also offer many premium packages when there are more items such as: multi-layer spraying, longer warranty period, warranty policy. Nursing, free car wash, free interior vacuum cleaner, free washing floor carpets …

Experience when spraying cars under the car

When spraying under the car, car owners should pay attention to the following:

In addition to the price, ask for details of the car coating service package

Undercarriage spraying is a service, not an ordinary product, so it’s hard to compare prices between places. Therefore, along with asking prices, you should clearly ask the following:

Spraying process for underbody cars: Including any steps, the price includes cleaning the car, not rusting the car …

Type of paint used: Brand, origin … You can check the brand information on the internet to know the price of paint on the market. Priority should be given to choosing brand paint with clear origin.

You should ask clearly the type of coating used under ground, preferably choose the establishment using branded paintYou should ask clearly the type of coating used under ground, preferably choose the establishment using branded paint

Number of layers: Ask carefully with this service pack, how many layers of roar will be covered … The more paints you have, the higher the durability, the more effective rust-proofing and noise-reduction + insulation will cost you the higher … The prestigious spray paint companies like Liqui Moly also often recommend multi-layer paint, range 3-4 layers.

Preferably where there is a clear maintenance and warranty policy

With reputable facilities, they often have a very detailed and clear warranty and maintenance policy for the coating. Therefore, you should prioritize the facilities with maintenance and warranty policies to get a long-term commitment.

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Should I cover my car at home?

Some people wonder if car cover can be done at home? According to experts, basically it is possible to spray car under the car at home. By car coating products are currently sold quite popular on the market. Users can find and buy their own chassis.

However, self-covering under the car at home will face many difficulties due to the lack of supporting equipment. The first is the undercarriage need car lift. Unlike car paint, to cover the ground, it is required to have a support lift to lift the car up, so that it can clean the chassis, rust and spray the chassis. Secondly, some types of undercoats need a spray gun. In addition, it is also necessary to use an infrared paint drying lamp to allow the paint to dry quickly.

Automobile undercarriage requires a lot of support equipment and certain technical knowledgeAutomobile undercarriage requires a lot of support equipment and certain technical knowledge

The next difficulty is technical. Not all parts under the ground can be painted. Therefore, the implementer needs to know the parts that are not sprayed to take measures to disassemble or shield. Ground spraying techniques are also important. How to spray evenly or spray lumpy, creating particles is not simple …

It can be seen that, if covering the car’s chassis at home, it will be very difficult and troublesome. The price of undercarriage is not too expensive now. The advice for you is to go to specialized car coating facilities to be carried out methodically and professionally to get the highest quality of paint, the highest protection ability.

Where should cover the car chassis?

Currently, there are many facilities covering cars under the country, concentrated in big cities like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. However, it is not easy to find a reputable, quality, good and reliable automobile under cover. In the process of covering the ground, it is difficult for the owner of the car to know “what people do with their car”, introducing this type of paint, but when using other paints, it is committed to covering 3 layers but it is also difficult for the owner to cover one layer. OK.

Therefore, the price is not necessarily good. Based on the experience of sharing from many people, you should go to long-term automobile undercover facilities, get many good reviews.

Through research, we have summarized a number of facility addresses, car care – beauty centers with car cover services that are highly appreciated by you, you can refer to:

ZADATO car care and beauty center

Hotline: 1900 636 589
Address: 832 Phạm Văn Đồng, P. Hiệp Bình Chánh, Thủ Đức District, TP. Ho Chi Minh

TRI THUC Anti-noise factory

Hotline: 0902 979 855
Address: No. 11, D6 Street, Dong An KDC, Tan Dong Hiep Ward, Di An, Binh Duong

Coating service BAO NGOC car

Hotline: 0944 636 889
Address: 27 Đường Số 3, P. Hiệp Bình Phước, Thủ Đức District, TP. Ho Chi Minh

Specialist in KOTADA car automobile undercarriage

Hotline: 0976 090 011
Address: 21 / 32B Tự Lập, Phường 4, Tân Bình District, TP. Ho Chi Minh

Anti-rust roar, VATONA automotive ceramic coating

Hotline: 0906 882 977
Address: 38, Street 4, KP5, P. Hiệp Bình Chánh, Thủ Đức District, TP. Ho Chi Minh

These places have a full system of facilities, a team of experienced technicians, especially providing good car cover packages.

Hopefully, with the above sharing, you can choose a suitable car cover to make the “hard drive” car more durable and more beautiful.

Quoc Tuan

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