Should ceramic heaters be used for children?
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Should ceramic heaters be used for children?

For families with young children, it is essential to have heating. Instead of using a 2-way air conditioner, it is more expensive to install, so the mother chose to buy ceramic ceramic fans. Let’s take a closer look at what ceramic heaters have outstanding features that mothers believe in.

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  • Why are ceramic fan fans popular among mothers of young children?

    • Principle of operation of ceramic heaters (ceramic)
    • Characteristics of ceramic heating fan
  • 3 best ceramic heating fan models for families with young children

Why are ceramic fan fans popular among mothers of young children?

Compared to halogen, infrared electric fans, ceramic heaters are more expensive but are still purchased more by the mothers because of the following features:

Principle of operation of ceramic heaters (ceramic)

Ceramic heating fan is the most modern heating device on the market. Ceramic heater fan is equipped with a ceramic disc. When plugged in, the fan will draw cold air from the back of the fan and heat the ceramic inside, then bring the warmth slowly outward to increase the room temperature without causing thermal shock. When operating the machine does not cause pain for rheumatism people, very suitable for all users from children to the elderly.

High mobility, no installation, no area required

The ceramic fan is designed like an extremely neat vertical tower fan. The weight usually ranges from over 2kg – less than 5kg so it fits easily and easily to move to the desired position. Therefore not only for home use but also offices, hospitals or clinics are also very popular.

Beautiful ceramic heater design with modern colors, made from very durable heat resistant plastic.

Using ceramic heating fans saves 50% of electricity costs

Ceramic heating fans allow low and high power adjustment, 3 wind modes to choose from: cool, warm and hot wind help save energy efficiently. The off timer function also contributes to significantly reduce electricity for your family.

Ceramic heating fan versatile design

Ceramic fan has 3 functions: dehumidifying when the weather is hot, cooling fans in summer, warming in winter, so it can be used all year round.

Health protection for users

The genuine ceramic heater fan lines are made from PVC or ABS plastic so it is very safe for health. When using does not emit unpleasant odor. Plastic material is not deformed. The inner ceramic disc is protected by a durable outer metal mesh, which is highly impact resistant.

Use ceramic heater extremely safe

This is the factor that users are most interested in because it directly affects human health. Ceramic heating fans are equipped with an automatic shut-off feature when tilted or poured to help reduce unwanted hazards.

When overloaded, the fan will automatically shut off to prevent fire and explosion.

Does not dry out the skin, does not cause shortness of breath

For babies, young children the skin is often thinner and more sensitive so mothers choose ceramic fan is very accurate. Ceramic heating fan will not dry the skin, does not burn oxygen, so it does not cause difficulty breathing when used in a closed room. Also when using the fan does not glow should not affect the baby’s eyes.

Ceramic heater has many other modern features

  • The fan has remote control to help you adjust the functions easily.
  • Most ceramic heaters come with screens to display temperatures and other functions that are convenient to monitor.
  • There timer function off, reverse wind direction.

Here are 8 very compelling reasons why ceramic heaters are trusted by mothers. If you are planning to buy a home heating appliance, ceramic heaters are the best option for you.

3 best ceramic heating fan models for families with young children

FujiE Ceramic Ceramic floor fan CH-2100 – Reference price: VND 890,000

FujiE CH-2100 is safe to heat, does not dry out the skin, does not burn oxygen, does not harm the eyes and is suitable for children. FujiE heating fans can reverse the wind for a wider range of heating.

When using fan with protection mode when overheating, automatically disconnect when tilted. The shell is made of extremely good flame-retardant PBT plastic, ceramic ceramic technology is safe for heating, good anti-oxidation under high temperature. The fan has a beautiful copper color, has the function of drying the air in the wet season and has an air filter attached to help bring a fresh and airy atmosphere.

Sunhouse SHD7006 fan heater – Reference price: 849,000 VND

Sunhouse heating fan is designed as a standing fan, white with exquisite red pattern. Sunhouse SHD7006 has a very safe design with a relay that automatically disconnects when the fan is tilted, unsteady, accidentally spilled or when the room temperature has reached a suitable level.

Halogen electric heating fan, using infrared radiation technology does not burn oxygen, good for the skin, especially for the elderly and young children.

Fan heater allows to adjust the wind direction, the control panel with buttons and dials to adjust the heat level, rotation mode, timer, operating with a maximum capacity of 1000W.

Sunhouse SHD7006 fan heater

KoriHome EHK-102-S ceramic heater – Reference price: 2,590,000 VND

KoriHome heater has a cylindrical design, resembles a tower fan with luxurious silver and black colors. KoriHome can rotate 90 degrees with the reversing function for better heating effect. Touch control panel, equipped with a monitor on the body to show the current room temperature.

KoriHome EHK-102-S heater

KoriHome EHK-102-S has a safe automatic power-off mode when it detects that the device is tilted at an angle of 45 degrees or collapses, avoiding serious damage or explosion.

Machine comes with a remote control, can set a timer up to 24 hours, effectively with an area of ​​less than 20m².

Hopefully the above information has helped you to better understand the ceramic fan, especially about the safety of the device so that you can choose for your family, especially for your children. The warmth is best suited for use in a cold winter.

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