Should card swiping when buying and eating, should it?

Should card swiping when buying and eating, should it?

Recently, I often pay by card when shopping and eating, sometimes also pay by card when ordering food or shopping online. I found payment by card is also quite convenient, but also gentle because not have to carry a lot of cash in person. But there are some points I do not know about payment by card as follows, I hope everyone will share information to help me.

1. In some places, when I pay by card, the store says charge for charge card. But there are also some places. I have found out on the internet, according to the law, the cost of card swipe through the POS, the store will have to bear, customers do not have to pay any extra fees. So what to do if the store says charge more when swiping the card?

2. I see that there are many people who say that paying with a card will reveal personal information, being fake a card or being hacked in something, is this true?

3. What bank service and incentives are available at the bank's time, good fees, and so on?

Bo Yeon

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