Shortcuts to transparent any window on a Windows 10 computer

With a simple shortcut, you can make any window transparent and see through. Although Windows doesn’t provide any official options, making windows transparent is easy in Windows 10. Let’s explore the tips of making windows transparent on Windows through the content section. below you!


When to do window transparency?

If your computer has multiple windows stacked on top of each other, making one or more windows transparent will make managing and viewing what’s behind the active window a lot easier. This virtually eliminates the need to switch between windows.

You can attach windows to the four corners of the computer screen. However, there are cases where you need to place a window on top of the other while having to view both windows at the same time. For example, if you’re a graphic or web designer, it’s helpful to see immediate changes while you’re designing or coding.

Use the AutoHotKey script

The easiest way to make the window transparent is to use AutoHotKey. It is easy to do and you can assign a keyboard shortcut to make the window transparent. You follow the steps below.

Step 1. You access this site to download and install AutoHotKey.

Download and install AutoHotKey

Step 2. After the installation is complete, right-click an empty space on the selection screen new => Text Document.

Create a new notepad file on Windows 10 computer

=> Then name the new file “TrasparentWindow.ahk“. Make sure you replace the tail .txt to .ahk.

Name the new file

Step 3. Now right-click on the file you just created and select Edit Script.

Right click on the newly created file and select Edit Script

The file will now be opened in Notepad.

;Press Alt + T
if togg34
 WinSet, Transparent, 200 , A
 WinSet, Transparent, OFF , A

Step 4. Next, copy and paste the following code into the Notepad window that just opened.

Step 5. Now press Ctrl + S or enter File => Save to save the file.

How to save the file notepad

Step 6. Finally, close the Notepad window => and double-click the newly created file to run the program.

Double-click the newly created file to run the program

Now you open any window you want to make transparent => click on that window => then press “Alt + T“. Repeat this shortcut if you want the window to return to normal.

Shortcut keys to make windows transparent

Note: You need to run the file TrasparentWindow.ahk before you can make the window transparent.

PeekThrough – Transparent software for windows

PeekThrough allows you to change the opacity of any window using a keyboard shortcut. The app even allows you to set the transparency level of a window.

Step 1. First, download the PeekThrough app from here and install it.

download PeekThrough app from here and install

Step 2. You click on Start Menu => enter freely Peek Through => and open the application.

Open the Peek Through win 10 app

Step 3. In the first interface of the application, click the button Active.

Shortcut settings for the Peek Through app

Note: If an error message appears “Unable to register hotkeys” (as shown below), please change the shortcut key in key registration and try again.


Step 4. Click the icon of Peek Through are active on the toolbar to open the app’s window.

Open the Peek Through application window

In the Peek Through window, you switch to the tab Transparency => use the slider to change the transparency of the window.

change the transparency of the window

Step 5. Click minimize button let the app run in the background. If you press the “X” button, the application will be closed completely.

From now on, every time you want to dim the window, select it and press the shortcut you have installed. Repeat that shortcut to return the window to its normal state.

blur windows with keyboard shortcuts


I have just introduced to you 2 ways to blur or make transparent any window on Windows 10 computer. These tools are very light and have almost no effect on the performance of the device. If you often need to dim windows, you should choose the second option, because it automatically starts up with Windows 10 and takes up a very small place on the taskbar.

Hope this article will help you know a very interesting tip on Windows computer, if you have any other questions or suggestions related to the article, do not forget to leave your comments in the section below.

Wish you all success!



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