Shortcut method in GoTiengViet, composing keyboard shortcuts in GoTiengViet software

Shortcut method in GoTiengViet, composing keyboard shortcuts in GoTiengViet software

Like Unikey, the shortcut in GoTiengViet will help you compose text quickly, save time and effort. You can follow the instructions below to install keyboard shortcuts in GoTiengViet easily.

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With GoTiengViet users will compose and type documents using Vietnamese language quickly and accurately, not inferior to familiar softwares such as Unikey or Vietkey. With compact features, easy to use Unikey Probably a software that is known and used by quite a few people.

In addition, the most used function on Unikey can not mention that is the Shortcut function. Shortcut typing in Unikey Taimienphi is a feature that helps users type faster and has been instructed by Taimienphi before. Shortcut typing in GoTiengViet.

Tutorial Shortcut typing in GoTiengViet

First requires you to have GoTiengViet on your computer, personal laptop.

You can download GoTiengViet here: GoTiengViet

Step 1: You launch GoTiengViet after the download and installation is complete.

remove all in gotiengviet

Step 2: At the main interface of GoTiengViet we click Expand.

remove all in gotiengviet

Step 3: Next, click on Compose keyboard shortcut to perform the installation of shortcut words.

remove all in gotiengviet

Step 4: You enter in turn the words needing to set in (4) and (5). Then click (6) to add words, the words we just added will be displayed in (7)

remove all in gotiengviet


4: The word we will replace.
5: The replacement word will appear after replacement.
6: Add to remember the newly installed word abbreviation.
7: List of installed acronyms.

Step 5: You choose to agree to confirm the installation of the shortcut words just set up

remove all in gotiengviet

Step 6: Back to the main interface of GoTiengViet we click tick the Shortcut to enable shortcut in GoTiengViet.

remove all in gotiengviet

In addition, you can also choose to tick Off the first consonant consonant or type off the last consonant to improve your typing speed using only Vietnamese.

remove all in gotiengviet

The rest of you just open a document and use the words that have been set up to abbreviate on GoTiengViet only.
Above is the article on Shortcut in GoTiengViet, hope the article will help in your work and study. In addition to using shortcuts in GoTiengViet, readers can also use many more features shortcuts in GoTiengViet, keyboard shortcuts in GoTiengViet This will help you operate faster, improve your understanding of the software you are using.


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