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Shopping festival “New Year 21, Closing menu” of Lazada received huge orders

Lazada’s “New Year 21, Closing Single” festival is currently being held for 10 days (January 19 – January 28, 2021) with millions of attractive incentives and has achieved many shopping records.

Lazada recorded that the number of orders and vendors across the floor increased by more than 2 times compared to the New Year Shopping Festival 2020.

The system of genuine LazMall booths recorded that the number of customers increased more than 3 times and the number of orders increased more than 4 times. These figures continue to affirm consumers’ tendency to love to buy genuine products on the e-commerce floor.

The first order is processed in 40 seconds fastest (from the time the order is successfully placed in the system to the time the package is delivered to the carrier)

Top 5 best-selling product groups (by revenue)

1. Milk and cake
2. Smart phone
3. Cooking utensils
4. Soft drinks
5. Men’s fashion

Top 5 best-selling product groups (based on the number of products sold)

1. Cooking utensils
2. Dairy products and cakes
3. Men’s fashion
4. Home decoration products
5. Smart phone

Other interesting information about entertainment and shopping:
• The 48-hour livestream activity combining Super Hoi Guua Gia episodes and Lazada Super Show has attracted more than 15 million views.
• In the Super Fair Price Slash, on average, each product released will sell out in less than 3 seconds.
• Number of participants of LazGame and LazCoin is doubled (to redeem promo codes, gifts and discounts on orders).


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