Customers buy Samsung S9 phone but receive the box no: Shop "prime" Sendo do irresponsible, Sendo request proof - Photo 1.

Shop "prime" Sendo doing irresponsible, Sendo asked for evidence

Recently on a forum for the science and technology community to appear posts from users, expressing the frustrating attitude of the solution of e-commerce platform Sendo when customers' goods were lost.

According to the content shared from this character (a shop owner on e-commerce floor Sendo), a customer chooses to buy this shop's phone product on Sendo due to a 10 million VND discount code. After consulting process, customers choose Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus line for 10,900,000 VND.

When delivering goods to the shipping unit, the shop said it was packed carefully. Product also remains intact. However, when the customer reached the hand, only the box was left, the product disappeared.

In addition, according to the image provided in the clip of the customer, the product at the time of receipt has torn the outer cover, not as intact as it was at the beginning.

Customers buy Samsung S9 phone but receive the box no: Shop "prime" Sendo do irresponsible, Sendo request proof - Photo 2.

The image provided by the shop, proving that the package has been peeled off to the customer.

Also according to the photos posted the working process between the shop and Sendo, during the complaint settlement process, the Sendo side supported the shop to contact the forwarder but this unit confirmed to follow the procedure.

However, according to Sendo, in the video sent to Sendo, the shop cannot provide packaging images with clear order code displayed, so it is impossible to prove that the packaged shop product coincides with the delivery order code sento. . In addition, information about package weight is inconsistent between shop and customer.

The result given by the e-commerce floor is that the shop is responsible for providing clear evidence before 6:45 PM on June 28. If after this time, Sen Do did not receive a response or the shop did not have any specific evidence, the final decision is to return the customer-refund, and apply the lower shop. All costs incurred by the shop.

In fact, the situation of lost and exchanged goods when shopping on e-commerce floors is no longer new, especially valuable products. There have been cases where the buyer has placed the iPhone on … brick, or in the process of transferring to the recipient, the product has "no wings but fly".

From March 2019, some e-commerce floors began to announce the suspension of the provision of co-inspection services when receiving goods. This means that the buyer can only open the parcel after having paid the delivery staff sufficiently, raising concerns for both the seller and the buyer as in the case of the above.

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