Shooting game skill setting based on world view framework

It has been six years since I started to study the worldview framework.

In the past six years, there have been accumulations, verifications, developments, and reflections.

I have been studying shooting games for the past year. I have recently started to sort out some content about shooting games in terms of world view architecture and share them, hoping to get more exchanges and suggestions.

1. Skill positioning

1.1 The skill positioning of shooting games

Do you think I want to talk about the positioning of skills in the entire shooting game?

Not really.

That’s a battle planning job, don’t grab someone else’s work.

An excellent team, everyone will discuss, communicate, give suggestions, and put forward ideas, but will never do other people’s work, because you may not be more professional than others.

So we talk about the skill positioning of shooting games, not from the perspective of combat, but from the perspective of the world view.

Skills are an important part of the power system in the worldview.

Especially in shooting games, besides firearms, skills and props are the most important.

Therefore, once you have a demand for skills in your shooting game, it must be a module that cannot be underestimated.

A lot of copywriters are still gearing up, planning to wait until the battle planner has designed all the skills, and then they will be renovated!

This approach is right and wrong.

Yes, it is because the process of many games is like this; but why is it wrong? Because shooting games also depend on specific themes, maybe a very good skill is designed for combat, and the effect is great!

But if this skill, no matter how you package it and how you think about its presentation, you find that it is incompatible with your worldview, what should you do?

Wait until others have finished the design before putting forward your ideas?

What did you do earlier?

Therefore, when combat planning begins to prepare shooting skills, literary planning must intervene, not to influence their thoughts, but to make it clear whether their effects are in line with the power system of your world view.

Skills are part of the power system and an important part of creating a sense of player substitution.

Although in the early stages of some projects, it may be based on skill effects (or combat effects) to determine the power system and even choose the world view.

But again, still make sure that skills are part of your power system, and don’t let skills break your power system.

So, the above is long-winded, and the final summary is: make sure your skills are within the framework of your power system.

PS: Nothing is absolute, will there be situations where skills exceed or even break the power system? There will be! At this time, you must re-examine your own power system and whether it can accommodate the combat system and skills you want to present. It is only an accidental special case to make it clear that this kind of breaking is a problem of the power system framework. Then according to the current situation, negotiate and deal with it.

1.2 Skills and props

When it comes to shooting game skills, you have to talk about props.

Because the relationship between shooting game skills and props is different from many other games.

In many ARPGs and even MMORPGs, props are just to make up for and fill the character’s attributes.

For example, the red medicine is used to return blood, the blue medicine is added to the magic, the city scroll is used to run, and the small speaker is used to chat.

But in shooting games, the tactical role of props may not be inferior to skill.

For example, the fist shooting game “Valorante” does not have any tactical props, because they use these props as part of the character’s ability in the form of skills.

Phoenix skills

Wei Wei skills

Of course, not all shooting games will incorporate the function of props into skills.

More often, the design of props may be more versatile, have a clear quantity limit, and may even become materials rather than their own capabilities.

But the relationship between props and skills is inextricably linked.

Therefore, when the friends in charge of the battle start to design props, it is the same as the situation mentioned in the above positioning content.

Don’t influence their thoughts, but make it clear whether their effects are in line with the power system of your worldview.

Therefore, the conclusion is similar.

Make sure your props are under the framework of your power system.

PS: In fact, during this period, you can go to chat with art buddies, because many times, there are many ways to present the expected effect of a skill/prop, and art can usually work with you to complete this part of the presentation. If you can use them to standardize the ideas of your combat partners, everyone can save time and effort to do their best under the framework.

2. Skill design dimensions

2.1 Energy Core

What is the core of energy, as the name suggests, is the source of the power system of the world view.

Shooting games are mostly based on manpower, supplemented by gunpowder.

Of course, some science fiction subjects may naturally choose more advanced energy sources as the power source for vehicle launch and weapon destruction.

Different themes and different worldviews will naturally have different power systems.

And when designing/packaging skills from the perspective of the world view, we must consider, what is the energy core of this world?

Because the energy core determines the way your power system is presented, and how your skills can be spent.

For realistic themes, it is impossible to flash such skills, because there is no one in your power system that can support it.

But if the energy core of your worldview is magic, let alone flashing, I don’t think things like clones and time backwards are tall enough to be made.

Therefore, the energy core is one of the factors that must be considered in design skills.

2.2 Power system presentation

Although in the impression of many people, most of the work of the world view is oriented towards text, but in fact, the pictures you are looking for, the images you want to see are much more than others think.

Because you have to land, so that your worldview can be clearly presented in the game, rather than in your own documents.

Therefore, skills have become one of the important points of embodying the power system in your worldview.

We talked about the energy core above. The energy core is equivalent to letting all your skills build with the underlying logic.

The presentation of the specific power system is to realize this set of logic.

2.3 Character characteristics

If the character is not tied to the skill, just make a huge skill pool, let the player choose arbitrarily, naturally there is no need to consider the characteristics of the character.

Of course, there is just not much to consider here, not completely different.

But if your role and skills are closely linked, then you must consider the characteristics of your role as part of your skills.

And this, we have to mention a very important part of the worldview framework-role setting.

The role is dependent on the plot, and it also needs to carry some of the ideas that the game wants to express, but when making a world view, one thing must not be forgotten, that is, the role is also a character in the game, and he must also be reflected in his body. Numerical attributes.

If the difference in movement is allowed in the game, then in the human setting stage, some people run fast and some people run slow, so as to make the difference in speed for later skill design.

If the game has the attributes of turning windows, rolling, changing bombs, and reducing recoil, then your character must have points that can reflect these settings, and match their combat skills based on these points.

Of course, it is also feasible to use skills to determine the personality in turn.

Just remember that when considering skills, the dimension of character characteristics is an important match.

3. Skill classification

3.1 Realism

When it comes to realistic skills, you have to mention realistic shooting subjects.

What is the realism category, it is real, can appear in this world, and conforms to the category that we perceive as normal human beings.

For example, “Escape from Tarkov”, “Rainbow Six: Siege” and so on, all belong to this list.

So what are the characteristics of this type of skill?

Let’s take a look at the introduction to the skills of “Escape from Tarkov”.

  • Endurance: Reduce the endurance and endurance consumption rate when running or jumping, increase the time to hold your breath and restore the breathing speed.
  • Strength: Increase jumping height, sprint speed, hitting power, throwing distance and load capacity.
  • Vitality: Reduce the probability of blood loss and immediate death after a fatal injury to a certain part of the body, and improve the probability of survival after injury.
  • Health: Speed ​​up the recovery rate of the wound after being hit, reduce the probability of fracture and the consumption of energy and water.
  • Anti-stress: Improve the chance of resisting traumatic shock, and reduce the tremor and tremor caused by pain.
  • Metabolism: Improve the effect of diet and maintain physiological skills longer.
  • Immunity: Affect the susceptibility of the disease and the therapeutic effect.
  • Perception: Improve hearing range and concentration so that you can easily find the spoils.
  • Intelligence: Improve the speed of inspecting items and picking locks, and improve the quality of weapon repairs.
  • Please note: Increase the chance of finding high-value items.
  • Charm: Lower the merchant’s price and increase the rate of gaining prestige.
  • Memory: A trained skill will last longer before it starts to fade.
  • Firearms: the proficiency of various weapons.
  • Recoil control: Reduce the horizontal dispersion of the trajectory to make it more controllable.
  • Concealed action: Reduce the sound of footsteps and compress the sound transmission range.
  • Search: Improve the speed of body search.
  • Magazine training: speed up loading and unloading of ammunition and check the number of ammunition remaining in the magazine.

It can be found that these behaviors cannot be said to have hands, but they will never make you think that I can’t do it without a superpower!

All these can be done by trained people in normal battlefields and special operations.

In reality, what someone can do is realism!

Therefore, realism skills are not complicated whether it is design or packaging.

Because whether it’s the choice of text style, blueprint reference, or let players understand, it is all based on our reality.

If you have to say that there are risks or difficulties in realism skills from the perspective of the world view, it is to communicate well with the planning partners responsible for the role of combat and make sure that the game we are doing is realistic, so there will be no flashes, Resurrection, clones, and other effects beyond the power system of realistic worldviews.

Rules are not used to break, but to serve as boundaries for us to focus on doing better!

3.2 Science Fiction

Speaking of science fiction, I have to mention the Star Wars series, but what I want to say now is the watch fart that is known to more users…Bah…It’s “Overwatch”.

At this time, if you have played this game, or have some understanding, you should be able to remember that many of the characters have metal armors and mechanical devices on their bodies.

But among the many characters, would you suddenly think of a guy wearing a mask who can move instantaneously and specialize in atmosphere?

Would you also think of a guy who is scrambling up and down to liven up the atmosphere?

That’s right, it is the two goods of Reaper and Tracer!

Some people feel that both of their abilities are beyond the scope of science fiction, and they are already superpowers or even magic, so how can “Overwatch” be science fiction? He is magic!

So, let’s take a look at this special case that is easy to think of.

Why can death appear another form?

If it becomes a ghost, then it must be beyond the scope of general science fiction.

But in the official information released by the god of death, there is such a record:

During the Shadow Watch period, in addition to recruiting McCree and Genji, Reyes also recruited DNA genetic engineering experts: Moira Odrian on the condition of conservation research. Not only that, but Reyes also instructed Moira to genetically modify herself, so that she initially had the basic ability to become a “death of death” during the “Operation Venice” period.

Therefore, the ability of the god of death is not a magical power, but a kind of ability obtained through genetic engineering.

Everyone can understand that while the US team has been strengthened, it has also become alienated.

Therefore, the power of Reaper is fully in line with the category of science fiction.

And Tracer, the same is true.

The following is a piece of information about Tracer:

Lena Oxton (codename: Tracer) is the youngest member of the Overwatch prototype flight test program. Because of her daring flying skills, she was selected as a prototype fighter that can be used for teleportation, the test pilot of the “Sky Leaper”. However, during the first flight test, the prototype’s transmission array malfunctioned, and the pilot, including the pilot, was completely missing. Lena was therefore deemed dead.

However, Lena appeared again a few months later, but this time she was not the same she was: her bodyMolecules cannot be synchronized with the time stream. This is called “Symptoms of Time DissociationShe completely turned into a “living” ghost, which would suddenly disappear for hours or even days from time to time. Even if she appeared briefly at a normal time, she could not maintain her physical form.

Overwatch doctors and researchers were at a loss for this. Tracer seemed to have to stay in this form forever, until a scientist named Winston designed the “Time accelerator”, A device that can keep Tracer at the current time.Not only that, this device also gives Tracer the ability to controlControl her own time flow, So that she can speed up or slow down the time arbitrarily. With this new ability, she became one of Overwatch’s most powerful agents.

Although this ability is a bit weird, it uses scientific means to control the ability that humans currently cannot control.

Therefore, it also belongs to the category of science fiction.

Even if you look carefully at the costumes of everyone in Overwatch, you will find that each hero will have some mechanical decorations, metal materials, and even small details to show that they are a character in the world of science fiction.

It can be said that Grim Reaper and Tracer are the only two designs that are slightly detached from the players’ common understanding of science fiction.

Therefore, after the heroes of Overwatch, similar abilities never appeared again, just to keep all the character skills within the scope of science fiction, and to avoid breaking their own worldview.

In summary, in fact, we can already draw the characteristics of science fiction shooting game skills.

  • Basic Features:The application of technology in war!
  • Advanced features:Use science to control supernatural power!

The former is a basic feature and is easy to use.

And the advanced features will break the world view if it is not done well, and you can use it, but be careful!

3.3 Magic

Speaking of magical games, I have to mention the shooting games of the fist company that just appeared last year and are still hot.

That’s right, it’s the “Valorante” mentioned when talking about skills and props above.

How can you catch a sheep without picking up a few more wools?

As long as you have played the children’s shoes of “Valorante”, you should be able to see that this game is a fantasy theme.

If you can’t see it or haven’t touched it, let me briefly describe the world view of “Valorante”.

The occurrence of a “lighting event” gave some people in this world superpowers, and these people were called “lighting people.”

It seems that the light-spliers and some people with powerful technology and equipment are vying for or looking for something, and all of this is closely related to a company called “Kingdom”.

And who are those who shine in “Valorante”?

Phoenix, can manipulate the flame, and even has a similar “resurrection” ability.

Holy prayer, can manipulate water into ice, and the ability to heal and even resurrect the dead.

I will not list them one by one, but the abilities they have mastered are no longer at the level of normal people; let alone science can explain.

Therefore, other heroes who can compete on the same stage with these luminous people basically have a piece of equipment that can highlight the characteristics of the character.

Magical superpowers, together with high-tech equipment, form the power system of Valorante’s worldview.

Although these abilities are not reflected in firearms, there will be a little sense of fragmentation from the perspective of the world view, but now we only focus on the discussion of skills.

Valorante is a very good example of the design of the character’s skills in the magic theme.

Considered how to arrange the allocation of light-bloomers and heroes who rely on equipment under the current power system.

It also considers how different powers come and go.

It is a perfect combination of each person’s design.

Even the props are integrated into the skill design.

It may not be amazing at first glance, but when you go to research and analyze, you will find that every element that should be considered in worldview planning has been considered by others, and a perfect design has been made in the context of the current game!

It is still to determine the positioning of the skills and consider the relationship with the props.

Then covet the energy core, the power system, and the role characteristics.

It’s just that compared to realism and science fiction, the energy core of magic has been upgraded, so you can give more freedom and flexibility to combat and performance!

to sum up

Finally, to summarize the methodology, the benefits are comparable to picking up a kidney.

  • The first step: consider the positioning of skills in the worldview, what kind of world they are in, and what kind of power system they are in.
  • Step 2: Consider the relationship and cooperation between skills and props. Worldview planning and battle planning are brothers. They must cooperate with each other to make the game more effective.
  • Step 3: Consider the specific design of skills from the three dimensions of energy core, power system presentation and role characteristics. At this stage, you need to communicate more with art children’s shoes.
  • The fourth step: do a good job of landing, in combat and art communication, whether it is actions, special effects or even sound effects, more participation and consideration will only increase the quality of the game. (Unless you deliberately make trouble!)

Finally, summarize the characteristics of the three subject classifications.

True realism; hard-core science fiction; high-degree-of-freedom presentation depends on magic! (It is recommended to copy this sentence ten times)



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