Shocking torture tricks in court testimony on the Uighur genocide

Shocking torture tricks in court testimony on the Uighur genocide

Between June 4 and June 7 in London, the People’s Court for the Allegation of the Uighur Genocide in Xinjiang held its first public testimony sessions. Court testimonies revealed a dark world with disguised courts, rogue police, extrajudicial killings, gratuitous torture, and sexual violence against inmates in the system. Xinjiang concentration camp. One witness even said that she and 100 other prisoners were forced to witness the prison guards raping a young girl right in front of her.

Shocking tricks in court testimony on the Uighur genocide
The presiding judge of the court, Mr. Geoffrey Nice, read the opening statement. (Photo: Bitter Winter)

In September 2020, in the face of growing evidence of the Uighur genocide, Mr. Geoffrey Nice, a very prestigious British lawyer in the international arena, has participated in many independent international courts. International Criminal Court, which operates in the International Criminal Court, has received an official request from the World Uyghur Congress, an organization founded by Uighur exiles outside China. , to investigate allegations of the Beijing regime’s repression of Uighurs and Turks in Xinjiang.

During public testimony sessions in early June, the court heard the most important evidence from experts as well as direct witnesses, about killing, sterilization, forced abortion, imprisonment for thousands of years. mass murder, forced labor, and mass abduction of children in Xinjiang.

From about 300 testimonies, 40 witnesses were appointed by the court, and 24 witnesses appeared at the hearing in early June. Of the 50 experts contacted by the court, 14 appeared in the testimony. this. It is known that after the first testimony, the court will continue to hold a second testimony in September, and the first judgment is estimated to be made in December 2021.

Shocking tricks in court testimony on the Uighur genocide
(Photo: Bitter Winter)

The US and Australian governments have provided assistance to the people’s courts by assisting them in communicating with the Chinese authorities. However, Beijing did not participate in the defense and argued that such a court was “serious provocation against 25 million minorities in Xinjiang”.

Although the regime has repeatedly denied the allegations, testimonies provided in court have revealed brutal acts of repression taking place in Xinjiang. A witness describes torture chambers where victims are forced to sit on “tiger chair”, or chained in flooded lakes for days. Another witness described how a young girl forced to confess was repeatedly raped by several prison guards in front of about 100 inmates, and those who showed emotion or dared to turn away were sent away for punishment. Many young girls were taken away during the night to the prison guards to satisfy their best interests, and were sent back in a state of bloody, beaten and mentally broken bodies. A former teacher in concentration camps said that some of the victims had their ears marked for injections and organ harvesting.

Omar Bekali, a witness, describes the form of handcuffs in the camp. (Photo: Bitter Winter)

As the Chinese Communist Party’s claims of genocide in Xinjiang appeared in resolutions of the Canadian House of Commons, the Lithuanian Parliament, and the British Parliament, a court evaluated the allegations. could not be organized by the United Nations Security Council, because China is one of the five members with veto right. Due to diplomatic problems and economic interests, it is also inappropriate to try the Chinese regime in another country.

The emergence of an independent People’s Court chaired by a respected figure has become the way out to draw an accurate, independent and fair conclusion about the persecution of the Uighurs and other ethnic groups. other ethnic minorities in Xinjiang. As former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic’s former head of war crimes prosecution at the International Criminal Court, Mr. Geoffrey Nice has the credentials to do so.

Although members of the court were declared punished by the Chinese communist regime and Geoffrey Nice was subjected to personal attacks from Beijing, the independent tribunal showed unwavering determination. On his first working day, Mr. Geoffrey Nice stated that the Beijing regime’s punishment or attack on the court would not affect the honest judgment of the court. The court will only make a decision based on the evidence, and it is always open for the regime to come and defend in court.

In his opening statement, Mr. Geoffrey Nice also emphasized that the charges against the Chinese regime are very serious, “Crimes against humanity and genocide are the two most serious crimes of all kinds.”

It is known that between 2018 and 2020, Mr. Geoffrey Nice also presided over the independent People’s Court investigating the forced organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience in China. The court ruled that the Chinese regime committed crimes against humanity by harvesting organs from prisoners of conscience who were arrested and persecuted simply for their faith. The main victims of this crime are those who practice Falun Gong and are converting to the persecuted Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang.

To participate in the court on the allegation of the Uighur genocide, witnesses came directly from the United States, Sweden, Norway, and Germany. Others testified via videoconference. While still enduring the trauma of the crimes in Xinjiang, witnesses said they are grateful that their voices have been heard, and that justice will come for the countless people still living in poverty. silence in the concentration camps of the Chinese communist regime.

Shocking tricks in court testimony on the Uighur genocide
Witness Qelbinur Sedik, who worked as a teacher in a concentration camp. (Photo: Bitter Winter)

“I’m free, but a part of me is still staying in the camps with young men and women going through the worst of the torture.”, said Qelbinur Sedik, a former concentration camp teacher after testifying.

According to the human rights magazine Bitter Winter
Edited by Minh Nhat

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