Shocked when users must buy an iPhone with a price higher than a million after the pandemic
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Shocked when users must buy an iPhone with a price higher than a million after the pandemic

Shocked when users must buy an iPhone with a price higher than a million after the pandemic

Nguyen Duy Linh

1 hour ago

Artwork iPhone 11 Pro Max

In Vietnam, except for genuine iPhone products sold by major dealers, portable iPhone products are still a lot of users to choose for many reasons. However, with the situation of Covid-19 just coming into stable, will the portable goods market be affected?

The first thing we have to do is to mention that the portable products mentioned here are like new items, 99%, … which are sold by merchants in large quantities at professional stores or hand-over. . Because of this high demand volume and large market capacity, they will be subject to many impacts from economic fluctuations.

Current situation of portable iPhone market

Artwork of an iPhone business store

Although there are quite a lot of models, diverse in types and countries, but basically this source of goods is purchased by large Chinese merchants in large quantities, then classified, repaired and replaced, and then will be delivered to you. Smaller import. It can be said that the amount of iPhone products originating from China.

Therefore, as the world’s first outbreak, China is one of the countries most heavily affected by the “legacy” of the pandemic. Of course this directly affects the source of our country’s portable iPhones.

Specifically, according to Mr. MT, a merchant specializing in portable iPhone items, said the CH / A goods on many high-end models such as iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Max. The price level is on an upward trend, culminating in the price increase from 800,000 to 1,000,000 depending on the model.

It can be said that with the variety of aviation products, the increasing selling price is really a challenge for the seller. When users tend to restrict spending on luxury goods but they still have to import goods to keep business relationships with the supply side.

Because of that, the price of portable products tends to increase

General situation of the epidemic season

Also, according to Mr. MT, the epidemic has made the transportation of goods become more difficult in the world in general and from China to Vietnam in particular. Leading to a shortage of goods from the supply, causing price increases. And this is most likely just normal reactions of supply and demand in the market, will return to normal after the volatility ceases.

Because according to the information Mr. MT provides high-class iPhone such as iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro is growing strongly. Most likely due to the pre-epidemic psychology, many people choose to liquidate their luxury products to be more active in spending. These are mostly the most recent Apple products, the higher price is also a reason for the increase in iPhone supply

So is the future of Vietnam’s portable goods industry affected?

Genuine iPhone artwork

In my opinion, this is also very difficult to say, because we still do not know exactly when the pandemic will end. And the main problem when users choose to buy a portable iPhone instead of genuine is located in the price gap between the two items.

The latest information suggests that Apple is trying to adjust in order to keep the new iPhone price stable. Moreover, with the constant availability of good-priced iPhone models, the price gap of these two products in Vietnam in particular is being pulled closer. Of course this will be a challenge for the laptop industry.

However, the amount of potential or key customers of both portable and genuine items have been different, and about the user who chooses to be genuine and not a laptop buyer and vice versa. Because of the unique advantages of each type. Therefore, it is difficult to say who and who surf when their customer groups are different.

In general, in the Vietnamese market at present, iPhone portable devices are still facing certain difficulties, but it is difficult to say in advance what the situation will be when the market changes continuously.

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