Shocked out in the name of RS! HONDA “CB350RS” announced in India

The new air-cooled single-cylinder model CB350 H’ness developed by HONDA INDIA was launched in India in October last year (2020). HONDA yesterday announced the CB350RS, a derivative model with modern sports style! Let’s take a quick look at this car model below!

Sporty and stylish design

When the CB350 H’ness was just released, many online media predicted that this would be an all-round car with different styles, including SCRAMBLER, CAFE RACER, and other styles, all with computer CG simulation graphics. The RS version is the first to be launched this time!

As previously announced, HONDA INDIA announced the launch of the “RS” on February 16, which is a derivative of the CB350 H’ness. As you can see, it has a modern and sporty detail design compared to the CB350. , Including matt black front and rear soil removal, black horizontal stripe cushions, redesigned body side covers, taillights buried under the hollow cushions, sharper LED direction lights, front 19-inch and rear 17-inch block tires, etc. , The pedal position is also moved back to change the riding posture and position of the rider.

Since CB350 H’ness has already been introduced to Taiwan by traders, the chance of seeing CB350RS on the streets of Taiwan in the future should not be small! Do you like the classic CB350 H’ness, or the CB350RS with a dynamic flavor?

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