Shock news: Sony stopped selling all consumer electronics in Brazil - VnReview
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Shock news: Sony stopped selling all consumer electronics in Brazil – VnReview

The decision was a shock to the photographers community in Brazil, while TV and audio clients also lost an option.

Sony has just informed the manufacturing and sales partners of its products with great news. The Japanese electronics company has decided to close the TV, camera and audio industries in Brazil, starting in mid-2021. Plus with the smartphone shutdown in 2016, Sony’s decision to have It can be seen as eliminating all consumer electronics business in this South American country.

According to the official announcement, while the shutdown applies to all consumer electronics industries, the company will continue to provide technical support and customer care service thereafter. In addition, they also closed the production plant in Manaus in March 2021, leaving about 220 workers there. TV, camera and audio products manufactured here also disappeared.

Sony stops selling all consumer electronics in Brazil (photo: Gizmodo)

For other businesses including video games, business solutions, music and movies, Sony continued. So this announcement will not apply to XDCAM professional camcorders, PlayStation game consoles or other entertainment activities in Brazil. This clearly reflects the change in Sony’s overall strategy, as it prioritizes the entertainment business over consumer electronics.

According to the PetaPixelThis is a huge shock to the photography community of South America. In 2018, Nikon withdrew from here and now it’s Sony’s turn. Now, the only long-term option is Canon, a market that has become severely uncompetitive. For TVs and personal audio appliances, Sony’s retreat also cost customers an option in the premium segment.

According to the GizmodoJust last week the Japanese company released the 75-inch 8K Z8H TV, the first with a PlayStation 5 certification. However, Sony’s Brazilian TV market share overall is still smaller than that of Samsung. and LG, so this is an understandable decision. Gizmodo feels sorry for the audio industry as their headphone products have been so trusted by both media and consumers alike. Especially the 1000X line of noise cancellation headphones.

Sony focuses on its entertainment business instead of consumer electronics (photo: Moshi Moshi Nippon)

In the latest financial report, Sony’s electronics business suffered a loss of $ 85 million, with digital cameras losing the most when revenue fell by more than half and sales were stopped. Meanwhile, TVs and smartphones both saw lower sales compared to before, but mobile devices recorded profits of more than $ 100 million.

In 2019, Sony said TV is the product contributing the most revenue, accounting for 33%. Smartphones, cameras and audio accounts for 18-19% each of total electronics sales. Currently, the group aims to promote entertainment content creation as a spearhead, and the electronics department plays a supporting role with finance.

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