Shiver with an artificial leather phone case, which can recognize your hands

Marc Teyssier, a French researcher, recently introduced a strange case called Skin-On Interface made of the same material as human skin.

In addition to the smooth and elastic feel like genuine leather, this artificial leather case is also programmed to understand the gestures and touches of the user’s surface.

With a unique artificial leather phone case, future smartphones can feel and recreate meaningful sensations of the message such as grip, pinching, tickling, poking, shivering … and use this information as a gesture to control the phone function. For example, users can perform a slight touch on the skin to open the screen, press the side to open the menu, pinch to turn up the volume …

According to Marc Teyssier, he implemented this project with the aim of providing users with a new input method that helps people communicate with each other via intermediaries is the phone with the most natural feel.

This artificial leather can also be used to replace the touchpad on a laptop. Photo: Marc Teyssier.
This artificial leather can also be used to replace the touchpad on a laptop. Photo: Marc Teyssier.

Skin-On is composed of 3 different layers, similar to human skin: 2 layers of silicon simulating the dermis and upper limb, in the middle is a soft copper wire as the epidermis.

The texture of artificial human skin

Skin-On is not only used for mobile devices, but can also be applied in many other projects in the future, applicable to many other types of devices such as wearable devices, monitor headsets, etc.

Skin-On information is currently being presented in New Orleans during the User Interface Technology and Software Symposium. The time when Skin-On was released to the market has not been disclosed.

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