Shin Megami Tensei V – Two Special Editions Announced

It was more or less a foregone conclusion (after all, the Japanese were entitled to it) but it is now official. Fans of demons and skinny teens will soon be able to afford Shin Megami Tensei V in two special editions. Yes, yesterday Atlus and SEGA updated the game’s official website which today displays, in addition to a new gameplay trailer, the details of the different versions of the game.

Let’s be perfectly honest, there are still 2/3 points to be addressed. First of all, when we say that there are two special editions, let’s say instead that the game will be offered in physical format in two separate editions. A collector’s edition will be there, a box including the game, the steelbook, a bag, the soundtrack and a notebook. The basic edition is still pretty cool though since it will contain a steelbook. In short, we must recognize that we are not laughed at, especially as the basic edition has the good taste not to increase the price (60 euros like the dematerialized version). The armored version, meanwhile, will be marketed at around 120 euros.

Finally, if you manage to get your hands on it, yes because, obviously, at the present time, pre-orders have been opened for the US on the official website but not for Europe (the official site therefore sending us to inquire about the Nintendo site which tells us that the game is currently not for sale (no, no laughing). Nothing prevents you from trying to have it imported (especially since the FR is included in the cartridges marketed in the US) but we prefer to warn you, the scalping takes a lot of magnitude lately.

Since we have to wait or put ourselves back to luck, we will console ourselves by discovering the new gameplay trailer (which starts on a lot of pre-rendering) and remembering that Shin Megami Tensei V will be released for Nintendo Switch on November 12, 2021. Remember also that it will be exclusive to the hybrid console.


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