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Shigeru Miyamoto also recommended video games to his wife, talking about the special rules for female players to choose games

What is the power that turns her into a player who resists the game

The inspiration for this article came from a friend who wanted her wife to play video games.

He is almost a full-model player, and will discuss new games with me from time to time, but her wife never seems to have a cold for video games.

Maybe if you just insisted on playing with her, you can also play with it for a while, just like “Mario Racing”, double-click with it … but the initiative is absolutely resistant.

Whether it’s “Naughty Kitchen” or “Mario Party”, I’m not interested.

Wanting to make her wife really like video games, I’m afraid it’s gone. Later, he played his own …

Until one night, when he saw him making a circle of friends, his wife overwhelmed the Switch and played “Animal Friends” with great interest.

I can’t even wait to know what makes a person so resistant to the game quickly become an obsession.

Then, we will follow this topic and continue.

Shigeru Miyamoto ’s wife ’s plan was approved by Satoshi Iwata

Thinking of the story of letting women enter the player community, Mario ’s father, Shigeru Miyamoto, is a living example.

In that year, Miyamoto Mao made Nintendo safe because of the production of “Dragon King”, and then designed several works, all classics.

Therefore, Miyamoto was promoted to minister.

In the minister’s seat, Miyamoto’s weight began to increase dramatically. Not only did he smoke, but he also particularly liked having a drink after work.

Shigeru Miyamoto, who was in his forties, was scolded by his wife at the time, demanding that he quit smoking, and that he should strengthen his exercise.

The time I enjoy is always happy, and Miyamoto knows that his wife is for his own good, but he still can’t get through that hurdle. Since you let me do a lot of things that I don’t like, I simply let you play video games that you don’t like.

Miyamoto ’s wife did insulate video games, because Miyamoto took out Super Mario Bros. After his wife watched it, he shook his head again and again, and later Miyamoto took out the red and white “Tetris” His wife remained indifferent.

This matter made Shigeru Miyamoto calm down and think about the nature of the problem.

Most video game players are young men. If this situation can be changed, even if the game is developed well, it may not allow the group to expand, because the game is already being played. If most female players who have never been in contact with the game or who do not like the game are to buy the game, the future … but it is limitless.

Unexpectedly, this plan was immediately supported by Iwata Satoshi, and even he let his mother start playing video games.

Also from this line of thinking, Iwata thinks that if the goal is not just female players, but all non-player groups, can they achieve greater achievements?

Falling in love with “Nintendo”, Miyamoto Mao’s wife is still playing Wii at night

Nintendo’s NDS was released, and the most important thing for Iwata at this time was to promote “brain training.”

This plan for non-player groups to purchase, “Brain Training” shoulders a heavy responsibility, naturally this plan succeeded.

On Miyamoto’s side, the next planned work “Nintendo” also successfully captured the heart of his wife.

Later, Miyamoto showed his new work plans to his wife. If his wife was not satisfied, she would even push it down. It seems that Nintendo’s emphasis on female players is really very high.

When Wii was popular, Miyamoto also said one thing specifically, that he once worked overtime until late at night, and found that his wife was waiting for him while playing Wii. He was very happy and thought it was a success of his own.

If we analyze based on the story of Miyamoto Shio’s wife.

You will find that the attributes of works like “Nintendo” are looking for people’s desires in life. The true gameplay or mechanism is not overemphasized. In addition, for operation, there is almost no threshold, and more importantly, there is no so-called error punishment.

Whether it is “Super Mario Bros.” or “Tetris”, there is actually a lack of guidance in the desires of life. For male players, they do not pay much attention, but for female players with delicate thinking, this reason Is necessary.

In addition, these two games have not low operating requirements. If they were able to clear Super Mario Bros. without a strategy, even if they were male players, they might not be too many. As for “Tetris”, the impression is that after speeding up, the requirements for the operation are even more perverted.

These are obstacles for new female players.

Keeping a pet and giving you an island allows you to live with animals. A romantic story like this naturally has a natural attraction for women. Of course, nowadays, the development of social media will allow these contents to be more easily presented in front of female players.

Any threshold may be a reason to give up

Speaking of it, beyond the interest, it is a matter of operational level.

Facts have proved that most female players have a much lower level of operation than expected. In the former “World of Warcraft”, female players played well, but more often, the output in the copy is not high, and even the sheep is a strange, non-stop sheep, the mage that does not output at all …

Of course, you said that there are no rookies in the men’s hands, there must be. But in terms of overall ratio, it is still generally lower for female players. Like everyone said, female drivers generally do not drive, but there are also female race drivers.

Even for games like War Chess, some female players may not be able to pass the first level, because although the operations inside are not instant feedback, it involves a learning cost threshold, which also hinders some women. The player continues to move forward.

In order to attract female players, Nintendo basically abandoned all the thresholds. Many female players bought Wii because of the yoga board, because this is their demand, and the guide operation in the game is very simple.

Many female players I know, many of them like to play text adventure games. Let ’s exclude Otome from the game.

Because they feel that these games have almost no requirements for operation, and most of the customs clearance time is not long, and can also bring emotion, just like watching a drama, finally crying and laughing, crying and laughing, and they like it.

In the end, I can still talk about the flow experience, it seems that I am already an old player, which is also a typical example of self-avoidance of weaknesses.

Works without punishment mechanism seem to be more favored by female players

Having said that, what are the advantages of “Animal Forest Friends”?

The game first simulates a player’s appeal. Perhaps this appeal is not too sensitive for male players. But female players have resonance. They want romance and a better life.

There is also an operation experience without punishment. The so-called punishment only has the cost of time, but in the “Animal Forest Friends Association” which uses real time as the built-in time of the game, you have little deep feeling.

For example, fishing and throwing a fishing rod, every time you fail, except for the next time you throw it again, there is no loss for a few seconds. Even if the rod is mistaken, a few steps will be another fishing spot. At most, people catch three or four fish a minute, and you may spend ten minutes, but for players who are just for recreational time, this kind of punishment is actually negligible.

The other is that the game has a good degree of freedom and can be played by players, and many design details will also win the favor of female players. For example, a piece of cherry blossom furniture may become the goal pursued by female players.

As for male players, it seems that they care more about selling kohlrabi and making more money.

Promoting personality does not mean that there are no rules to find, female players are still worthy of respect

Many girls will certainly refute, I love to play horror games, maybe there are female players who play “Dark Soul”, but you can’t deny that this is a minority, after all, isn’t it?

At the beginning of the establishment of the gaming industry, the number of male players occupied an overwhelming victory. After all, in the game, combat and competition are indeed the most common elements.

Players, regardless of gender, may be right from the perspective of individuals. But why most girls are not interested in “Call of Duty”, this is the resistance to the subject matter.

If we only discuss special individuals, it does n’t make sense. Is there a pseudonym? Can you discuss it as normal content? Should men be pseudo-mothers?

If there are really many female players, the stars in the gaming circle may not exist, right?

These individuals can speak more because of the convenience of information flow with the development of society, but in fact the number of female players is still small from the perspective of the overall video game players.

But with the help of the sound of voice, many can’t judge the authenticity.

Careful female players should be cared for

Well, if summed up, female players are just more picky about all aspects, and male players’ adaptability is actually stronger. However, many female players do not like to be specialized. Therefore, we should not look at them with colored eyes, but should take care of you.

If you also want the female friends around you to become female players, you may wish to think carefully about what kind of games she likes. Of course, from a personal point of view, I am very opposed to initially recommending text adventure games.

Perhaps for now, many of Nintendo ’s first-party works really take care of female players, especially when working together, because of operational problems, the impact on the other party is also very small.

By the way, it is indeed not too late to recommend her to play “Animal Friends”, just like the wife of the friend I mentioned at the beginning.

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