Shifting operation is super easy! KAWASAKI’s new “electronic transmission system” patent is now on track

Foreign media reported that KAWASAKI is developing a new “electronic gearshift” system, which delegates the work of “shifting” to a set of electronic systems to control. The “shift lever” under the rider’s feet is no longer directly connected to the gearbox, but simply Pressure-sensitive switches, although the “electronic gearshift” proposed by KAWASAKI is not new in concept, it is a cheap and effective solution. Let me talk about it below.

First of all, looking at the details on the patent drawing, the lever mechanism on the left hand is nowhere to be seen, and the connecting rod between the gear lever and the gearbox on the foot is also gone, and replaced by a black line with a subtle angle. , With the second patent picture, it can be seen that the place where the gear lever should have been replaced has been replaced by a box-shaped part, which is the main body of the electronic gearshift in this article.

The original gear shifting action is like this: After the rider steps on (or hooks up) the gear lever, the action is transmitted to the gear lever arm through the gear lever all the way, and finally the gear shift mechanism located in the gearbox is pushed to complete the shift. KAWASAKI’s system is simpler. After the rider steps on (or lifts) the gear lever, it actually only touches the sensor and sends the signal to the electronic gear shift system. The built-in mechanism controls the up and down gears. , The advantage is that the rider no longer needs to “force” when shifting gears, and the design of the mechanism does not necessarily have to be operated with feet, and it is completely OK to use buttons on the handle.

It is clearer from Figure 3 of the patent that the “Controller” on the left is the electronic gearshift mechanism. After receiving the signal, it uses common parts such as motors or solenoid valves to control the shifting action, so that the gearbox can maintain the existing The design does not need to re-develop the gearbox like the DCT used by Honda, and this system can be adapted to existing cars with only minor modifications, plus electronic throttle, quick-discharge system, etc. , So that each of KAWASAKI’s cars has the same function as the DCT system next door, and the existence of the clutch lever becomes less important.

However, friends who are cycling must find this thing familiar. Isn’t this an electric transformation system that has been in the bicycle industry for many years? In the early days, pulling the transmission through a steel cable was not only very laborious. Poor adjustment and improper operation may cause mechanical failure during shifting. In the light of the chain, it will seriously damage the slim transmission system. If the shift work is entrusted to the electronic system to do Isn’t it faster and less effortless?

That’s right, this is the origin of the electric variable system. Bicycle racing is changing rapidly, and the sound of a little gear shift may make the opponents in front and behind you find the signal of attack. The electric variable system brings more reliable, faster and quieter shifting. In the process, although the technical components of the players are indeed reduced in this way, it is exchanged for more efficient gear shifting and riding, and the control of the electric variable system is completely completed by electronic signals, so it is not necessary to trigger the shifting action. To be completed through the brake lever, the buttons of the transmission system can be placed in various positions according to the preferences of the rider, which greatly increases the flexibility of the rider’s operation.

The most important thing about electronic gear shifting is the real-time and extremely high accuracy of gear shifting. The electric variable system can make the shifting action more crisp and efficient. The combination of forward and backward fast shifting and electronic throttle can achieve super-soft retraction compensation. Oil and tracking control, although hard-line knights will definitely think that such things are simply evil ways, but the birth of ABS, TCS, QSS and even various electronic auxiliary systems shows that such development is now in progress. Knights of both new and old generations must learn to coexist with technology!

Original source: KAWASAKI’s new “electronic shifting system” patent is now on track! Shifting operation is super easy!

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