Shen Guixian rebuts accusations by leaders of Saudi union

(Kuching, 20th): The local government and the Minister of Housing Datuk Seri Shen Guixian rebutted the statements made by the leaders of the Saudi Alliance and emphasized that the Saudi government has actually convened a meeting with the federal government on the rights and interests of the Saudi pharmaceuticals, and clearly stated that the Saudi government requires full power Gain health autonomy.
He said that the sand opposition leader’s allegation that sand did not fight for health rights is a false accusation, which also shows the ignorance of the sand opposition party leader.
He pointed out that a sand government delegation headed by him had held a meeting with federal government representatives on the health rights of sand as early as last September to discuss the decentralization of health and allow sand to fight for health autonomy. The state of Sarawak did make a lot of efforts in the meeting.
Shen Guixian, who is also the chairman of the People’s Federation Party, said so when he attended a media evening hosted by the Sand Local Government and the Ministry of Housing.
In addition, he pointed out that Sand is setting the right direction to move towards a stronger Sarawak. He said that the state government actively increased Sarawak’s income through various strategies and will increase sand revenue in the future in order to lead sand toward prosperity. He said that the most important thing is that the sand people should maintain unity in order to become a strong backing of the government.
He said that with the increase in sand revenue, more plans can be launched one after another, such as the introduction of the Kenyan Gold Card, water supply allowance, free student bus service, etc.
He ridiculed Sand’s opposition party leader, and after receiving the support of Sand people’s votes, he spoke for Malaya, and even more ignorant of what Sand made.

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