“She will borrow” review

Evaluation 15 points all 12 episodes

Synopsis University student Kazuya Kinoshita applies for a rental girlfriend because of her loneliness.Quote-Wikipedia


  1. Is it a waste?

    1. Guess like a magazine
    2. A lie to look good
    3. Lifesaver
    4. Rental her justification
    5. Another rental girlfriend
    6. Pee pee pee
    7. Third rental girlfriend
  2. General comment: A heroine with a good appearance and voice and a heroine

    1. Personal impression: unpleasant

Is it a waste?

The original is a manga work serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine.
Directed by Kazuomi Koga, produced by TMS Entertainment

Guess like a magazine

Image source: She will borrow from episode 1
© Reiji Miyajima / Kodansha / “She, I will borrow” production committee

Oh yeah, the hero was swayed by her for a month after dating,
Imagine her parting and in agony
It starts with renting “rental girlfriend”.

Even if the serialization is not called a magazine, it’s a romantic comedy of a magazine!When
What you can feel “guess” that you can’t feel on Sundays and jumps
The magazine is full of romantic comedy.
The hero’s point of view is always toward “female body parts”, and there is no fragment of integrity.

The hero of a romantic comedy gives the heroine “40,000 yen”
It’s unheard of for a dated work.
Rental There are many words and deeds that you can rent her and hit eight.
I can’t feel or sympathize with the main character of the story.

Off-color humor often comes out in direct words,
The words and actions and attitudes of the main character make me irritated one by one.
At the time of the first episode, you can feel the “magazine-like” guess.

A lie to look good

Image source: She will borrow from episode 1
© Reiji Miyajima / Kodansha / “She, I will borrow” production committee

Anyway, the hero lie to look good.
Rent to family, lie to her as “she” and lie to friends.
Although it creates a comedy development by accumulating lies on lies,
At the same time, the discomfort to the hero increases.

Although there are still some parts that can be forgiven with this alone, he is in his heart
Feeling superior to your friends
“What’s this? It feels super comfortable! Next to me is the most cute female in history!”
The heroine is called a female.

The hero’s ex-girlfriend is also full of scraps suitable for him,
He dismissed him openly in front of a large number of people, and even though he broke up, he tempted the hero again.
I don’t like any of the characters in this work.
Rental Her heroine is cute, though she protects the main character.
As a premise, she is “a girlfriend bought for money”, so her cuteness and charm
It is difficult to receive it obediently.

“After all, it’s a rental,” she said in her actions and lines.
Although it is the main axis of this work that the hero is worried,
While worried about Ujiuji, he can’t empathize with him who shows his crap.
In the first place, “she” = “object to do” for the main character,
He is the hero who prioritizes carnal desires over romantic feelings.

Therefore, I do not have such feelings for the rental heroine who can not do it
I have feelings toward my ex-girlfriend who seems to be crazy.
I want to do my best to lie and excuse.
You can’t empathize with such a hero.


Image source: She borrows from episode 5
© Reiji Miyajima / Kodansha / “She, I will borrow” production committee

In the middle of the game, the heroine will fall in love with the main character.
An unwell heroine rides a ferry with the protagonist and she remains stunned
The hero helps him fall off the ferry.
I have a head for a ridiculously solid development,
It can be said that the main character finally returns his stigma and recovers his honor.

From there the problem is.The hero who returned home is looking at the picture of “ex-girlfriend”
You can be shown to be alone and agonize yourself.
The stock that went up is a big crash. You can see such a scene of the main character for almost a minute.
I understand that the main character is a former Kano and a heroine, and the emotions are shaking.
The discomfort has prevailed.

“I can’t return this feeling alone.”

Although he poetically says, in the poemy line that came out in the wise man’s time
You can only make a bitter smile. Honor repayment, stigma recovery.
In this work, there are many strangely “fresh depictions” of the bottom story, and this freshness is
It has boosted the hero’s discomfort.

Rental her justification

Image source: She will borrow from episode 3
© Reiji Miyajima / Kodansha / “She, I will borrow” production committee

The heroine is a heroine and justifies the profession of “rental girlfriend” in some way.
Although it says plausible things such as promoting customer care and growth,
The viewer feels what is different from the act of daddy activity.

The reason why she rents her at the end
It becomes clear that he is an “actress aspirant”.The lesson fee for that
I’m doing it to study “acting” (laughs)
If you want to become a popular actress in the future, the weekly magazine is likely to jump.

It seems that the heroine also recognizes that it is bad if it gets caught.
He does such a recognizable job and makes excuses to justify it.

It is also doubtful that her acting as a rental girlfriend will be a study of acting.
“Rental girlfriend” in various parts throughout the work
I feel like I’m trying to justify it.

As with the off-color humor, I’m not good at drawing the raw part and the fantasy part.
The fantasy depiction that is raw but tries to justify makes me feel uncomfortable
I feel uncomfortable.

Another rental girlfriend

Image source: She will borrow from episode 6
© Reiji Miyajima / Kodansha / “She, I will borrow” production committee

In the middle stage, “another rental girlfriend” appears.
Although she is a rental girlfriend, she happens to meet the main character,
It’s kind of like a love at first sight for the hero.
The protagonist also sees her as “cute” and confesses to the protagonist at an early stage.

Should I go out with her already? There are no obstacles as much as I think
The hero looks at her body while saying “I can’t go out with you”
I don’t even think it’s bad. Although I’m still in love only with my lower body
It’s a character that I think has the best choice compared to ex-girlfriends and heroines.

However, it is impossible because the main character is her rented by a friend
It works a mysterious logic, and after all, it is only a hit horse character for the heroine.
A character that is cute and attractive and thinks “I should go out with this child”
The hero refuses. The emotions of the viewer and the emotions of the main character do not match at all.

What’s more, he made a strong refusal and told the heroine, “If you try it out,”
If you ask me, I see her crying and go out with her.
I don’t know what I want to do anymore. If I refuse, I feel masculinity by refusing,
In the end, it will be washed away.

Another rental she also threatened to get along with the main character
It ’s a pretty aggressive character, such as crying.
Like other characters, it looks cute
It ’s a character that you ca n’t really like when you think about it.

Pee pee pee

Image source: She will borrow from episode 7
© Reiji Miyajima / Kodansha / “She, I will borrow” production committee

Even at the end of the game, the hero keeps lying to keep his face.
It also causes troublesome events and hurt the heroines.
Even if it’s only in the early stages, I’ve had the experience of lying and getting in trouble
He is the main character who does not learn or grow even at the end of the game.

Even if the heroine asks “Do you like yourself?”, He doesn’t answer honestly and tells a lie.
Another rental girlfriend also lied to her relatives as a “liar daughter”,
I can’t lie anymore.
As for the viewer, the hero’s discomfort is increasing, and such discomfort is felt.
It’s just strange that the heroines don’t feel it at all.

In one story, a friend who lost love with her rental heroine
I rent it out with my own money. It’s a mystery anymore.
The heroine is also a heroine and another rental girlfriend is assigned to the main character.
The situation is too chaotic to keep up.

Third rental girlfriend

Image source: She will borrow from episode 11
© Reiji Miyajima / Kodansha / “She, I will borrow” production committee

This work is a work of 12 episodes in 1 cool, but a new character will appear in 11 episodes.
It may be a story structure that assumes the second term from the beginning,
It’s a story structure that makes you want to go ahead with the main story rather than the new character.

She is extremely shy and rents her “to change herself”.
If you want to cure a shyness, before you rent her
I think there will be restaurants and other part-time jobs, but this work has such a thing
Don’t do the right thing.

By the way, after the new character appeared in the 11th episode, it came out a little at the end of the final episode and ended.
For how to use a character that makes you wonder what it came out for
I twist my head.

In the end, the original work continues, so nothing is solved.
The protagonist keeps lying to his relatives, renting her relationship unchanged,
With the heroine who is dating for trial, while dating for trial
I can’t wipe out the discomfort of the hero who shows me a lie and a lot of lie until the end
It was a work that only made the discomfort grow bigger and bigger.


General comment: A heroine with a good appearance and voice and a heroine

Image source: She will borrow from episode 12
© Reiji Miyajima / Kodansha / “She, I will borrow” production committee

Overall, it’s a work in which the hero’s discomfort has come to an end.
Based on the theme of “rental girlfriend”, from a pseudo-romance relationship
I understand that I want to describe the process of becoming a serious romance,
Such a “realistic” part and a “fantasy” opportunistic part
It doesn’t mesh well in the work.

Because of that, the protagonist is getting more and more scrapped to start an event,
The heroines are all characters who accept such a crappy hero,
“Why do heroines fall in love with such a hero?”
I think that I shouldn’t think about it first in a romantic comedy.

The drawing and character design are very good, and the heroines are cute.
Many of the voice actors who are acting are also female voice actors who are capable.
Because of that, there are many scenes that make me feel “cute”,
If you think calmly, there are various problems with the heroine,
I can’t really like the character to the core. There are also strangely many lower stories, and it is strangely fresh.

Maybe it’s because of the story structure that the second term is decided from the beginning
Characters that rarely appear and stories that have no breaks
It has a strong feeling of sickness and ends up with indigestion.
While recognizing that it is a waste, the hero’s waste that does not switch from there
It was an incompatible work until the end.

Personal impression: unpleasant

Image source: She will borrow from episode 2
© Reiji Miyajima / Kodansha / “She, I will borrow” production committee

There are few works that feel “tight” when watching from the first episode to the final episode.
This work was really tight.The heroine’s appearance and voice are cute
It ’s really a relief, and other than that, the development and the characters
The unpleasantness has won

I just hope that this discomfort will be reduced in the second term.

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