She confirmed 5000% that she wanted to murder her husband, but found out that this was a show?!

She confirmed 5000% that she wanted to murder her husband, but found out that this was a show?!

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Dalia Dipolito

In 2009, a 27-year-old woman, Dalia Dipolito, went out to exercise early in the morning, but unexpectedly, when she got home, a yellow cordon had been pulled up at the door of her house, and a large group of police surrounded the city. Outside Liya’s house. At this moment Dalia didn’t understand what had happened, so she went forward and asked, only to hear a news that broke her heart.

Video clip

It was Dalia’s husband Mike Dipolito who was killed. Mike is a businessman and runs a real estate company. His biggest hobby is watching reality shows.

Dalia (right) and her husband Mike Dipolito (left)

Although Mike’s business is doing well, his start-up funds are not very legitimate. At first, he obtained it through false advertising and fraud.

Mike Dipolito

In March 2002, Mike was imprisoned for phone fraud. In addition, he himself had a history of drug abuse and abused some prescription drugs. However, in view of Mike’s performance in prison, he was allowed to be released on parole in 2005. After being released from prison, Mike decided to change his mind. He used the remaining principal to set up a real estate agency, and since then he only does legitimate and formal business.

Mike (left) and Dalia (right)

In 2008, Mike met Dalia in Florida. Dalia was a full-time call girl by profession. However, Mike liked Dalia very much, so he divorced his wife and became fifth after the divorce. Today, he and Dalia registered their marriage.

Dalia (left) and Mike (right)

Mike doesn’t mind Dalia’s career at all, because Mike thinks their husband and wife life is really harmonious, and their hobbies are also very similar, that is, they all love to watch reality shows. After they got married, Mike was a businessman with a small accomplishment in his career, so Dalia couldn’t do her previous career anymore, so Dalia stayed home and lived the idle life of a rich wife.


But shortly after Mike and Dalia got married, something strange always happened to Mike. First, one month after his marriage to Dalia, the supervisor of his parole period suddenly came to him. In fact, during his parole period, the supervisor would occasionally come to him. This time it was different. The supervisor said he needed Searching some of his houses was a bit strange to Mike, but he still cooperated with the search. The supervisor left without finding anything.

Soon after, the police came to him again, saying that they had received an anonymous report that someone reported that Mike was hiding drugs, so the police searched Mike’s vehicle but still found nothing. This time Mike felt something was wrong, because after all, the police mentioned the anonymous report. He wondered if the people who offended him before he went to jail came back to retaliate against him? People like them won’t retaliate against you when you just get out of prison, they just want to destroy your life again when you change your mind, get a new life, and your family is stable.


Just before Mike hadn’t figured out who was trying to frame him, the third search came again. This time the police really found a small packet of cocaine in Mike’s car. After Mike saw it, he couldn’t dispute it. Maybe his reaction was too real. So the police did not arrest him, and let him go this time.

Mike, who was found by the police again and again, confirmed that it must be his former enemy who wanted to retaliate against him, so he paid special attention, but he did not expect that the police knocked on his door for the fourth time. This time the police were not here. They searched his house, but wanted to tell him a secret, which was enough to break the heart of a stupid Mike.

After hearing this, Mike sadly followed the police back to the police station. The next step was the scene we saw at the beginning of the video.

Dalia cried bitterly when she heard the news

The police told Dalia that Mike had been shot and Dalia wept bitterly.

When Dalia asked if she could take a look at Mike for the last time, the police refused on the grounds that she could not destroy the scene, and then Dalia was also taken back to the police station by the police. In the interrogation room, Dalia still behaved in shock, as if immersed in the great grief of losing her husband.

In the interrogation room

An hour later, the police brought in a man, claiming that this was the murderer of Mike, and asked Dalia if he knew the man in front of him. Dalia denied, saying that he had never seen this man.

Afterwards, the police brought in another person, who made Dalia dumbfounded. He was the still-alive Mike.

Dalia was surprised and happy, crying for Mike to come to her.

But Mike was unmoved at this time, because he couldn’t understand the woman in front of him.

The police released a videotape with the content of the transaction between Dalia and the gunman. This is the secret that made Mike, who came to the police station early in the morning, heartbroken.

Fragment of the transaction between Dalia and the “Gunner”

It turned out that the person who wanted to kill Mike was his wife Dalia.

And what is going on all this? Why did the police have this video? Why does the police set up this bureau? And where did Dalia miscalculate?

First of all, Dalia will marry Mike, just for Mike’s money. Dalia doesn’t love Mike at all. Although Mike treats her very well, she just wants to get rid of this marriage quickly, but she can’t bear Mike’s property. So she thought, if Mike could disappear, then she herself would be the legal heir to all of Mike’s property.

Dalia’s ex-boyfriend Muhammad

So Dalia found her ex-boyfriend Muhammad and cried to Muhammad that she had been abused by Mike during this marriage. She really couldn’t stand it, so she asked Muhammad to kill. Mike.

At that time, Muhammad was stupid. Although he liked Dalia before, it was true that he didn’t want to deprive another person of life with just one or two words from this woman, so Muhammed refused. Dalia, but Dalia said, “If you don’t do this, then I will find another way. Anyway, I just want Mike to die.”

Muhammad felt that Dalia was not just talking. Based on his understanding of this woman, he knew Dalia would take action. So he turned around and ran to the police station and told the police about it.

Reality show “COPS”

At that time, the police happened to be recording a reality show “COPS”. The content of this show was about some real crime cases and was used to alert the public to abide by the law. After listening to Muhammad’s narration, the police realized that this was definitely a good subject, so the police persuaded Muhammed to act together.


Muhammad found Dalia again, but at this time his car was already equipped with a camera from the show crew. Muhammad claimed that he would not kill Mike, but he was willing to introduce Dalia a killer. Then I asked Dalia, isn’t she afraid that others will doubt her? Dalia’s answer is quite confident.

Muhammad asks about Daria clips

Dalia then met with the gunman introduced by Muhammad and gave him a deposit of $1,200 and a photo of her husband Mike. The gunman was also pretended by a police officer in charge of anti-narcotics in the police station. Yes, that’s the video we just saw.

The focus of the conversation between the police and Dalia is that the police must confirm that Dalia has a plan and steps, and confirm that she will put the murder plan into action, not just thinking about it in her mind, because this is a follow-up A key to convicting Dalia, so they will repeatedly ask Dalia if she is not sure about murdering Mike.


And Dalia also said that because she didn’t have a job, she had no income and couldn’t pay the price offered by the gunman. Then Daria suggested that the gunman could implement the plan after Mike withdrew the money from the bank, so that the money Mike took out could be used as remuneration for this operation. This means that Mike has become a silly white sweet who pays for his own death.

The police presented all the evidence, but when they spread out the truth and evidence in front of Dalia, Dalia did not repent anymore. Instead, she kept telling Mike that all this was fake. Did you see it? There are cameras everywhere, all of which are reality shows.

But this time, Mike didn’t believe Dalia anymore.


In the police station, Dalia was detained for first-degree murder, and during the trial, the police also found out that Dalia had tried to poison Mike by poisoning, but it was unsuccessful.

Dalia and Mike phone content

During Dalia’s house arrest, she has not given up her sophistry. She insisted that she was framed by the police. Dalia also called Mike and repeatedly told him that none of this was true.

In 2011, in the first instance verdict of this case, Dalia was sentenced to 20 years in prison for first-degree murder.


But Dalia did not give up the appeal. She insisted that all this was set up by the police for the ratings of the show. She was innocent. Then she said, the most important thing is that Mike is not dead, right?

Why does this sentence sound weird?

Dalia and her lawyer

Dalia’s lawyer tried to defend Dalia using the two arguments of “police-making crimes” and “objective traps,” but they did nothing.

During Dalia’s house arrest, she also met a new boyfriend and gave birth to a child. Dalia tried to use her child to win the sympathy of the jury in order to reduce the penalty or avoid the guilt, but failed. .

Dalia and her lawyer

In 2017, the case ushered in the third trial, and Dalia was sentenced to 16 years in prison, which means that as her child grows up, the role of mother must be absent.


On Mike’s side, he has been interviewed many times, and has truly experienced a reality show addiction. After divorcing Dalia, he met his new girlfriend, Gloria. The two are currently married. Gloria also said that life is to look forward and move on to have hope.

‍Mike and his new girlfriend

I hope Mike will not stage such an exciting reality show in the rest of his life. But in this matter, do you think the US police have a tendency to commit crimes? Welcome to leave your opinion.

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