She abandoned her career at the age of 50 and made a lot of money from auditioning for Chairman Mao, because acting too like annoyed her husband

She abandoned her career at the age of 50 and made a lot of money from auditioning for Chairman Mao, because acting too like annoyed her husband

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Introduction: In today’s entertainment life, actors from all walks of life are dazzling, and the entertainment industry is even more mixed. “Sky-price” film pay, actor dominance is today’s description of certain phenomena in the entertainment industry. And the actors who really spread Chinese culture and Chinese stories are even rarer.

Among many actors, there is such a type: special actors. The related requirements are very demanding, not only need to use certain role players with similar appearance conditions to the characters in the plot, but also their acting skills must be superb. So in the process of entertainment development for so many years, there are only a handful of famous special actors.

She abandoned her career at the age of 50 and made a lot of income from auditioning for Chairman Mao, because acting too like annoying her husband!

Whether it is the similarity of the external form or the accurate shaping of the internal conditions, this type of actor must stand the test of the times and the audience. Without the figure of a historical figure, it is difficult to do well without a high-quality acting skill, and it may even be called “pseudo-special actors, lack of awe” by the audience.

Despite the hard work, the yellow sand will be exhausted and there will be gold. Among the many special actors, there is such a shocking special actor-Chen Yan, one of Chairman Mao’s film and television characters. She is the only female among the special actors of Chairman Mao.

Among so many outstanding special actors who play Chairman Mao, why can such a woman without professional training stand out?

1. Similar appearance conditions

Chen Yan, born in Jinyang City, Sichuan, was told when she was ten years old that she looked very similar to the great leader Chairman Mao. Even people who met for the first time felt that they looked very alike.

Chen Yan felt very grateful for this incident, but what was more in her heart was the respect and awe of Chairman Mao. For the similar appearance, Chen Yan also gradually came up with the idea of ​​playing Chairman Mao. But the oppression of her life made her hesitate. She was engaged in building materials until her fate.

2. Have the courage to try

By chance, on the Southeast TV program platform, she learned of a program of imitation show. And because of everyone’s assessment of Chen Yan’s appearance as Chairman Mao in life, she had the courage to play Chairman Mao for the first time.

The similar appearance gives Chen Yan an advantage in the show, but the special type actor not only requires high appearance, but also has excellent skills in acting. It is a pity that she, who had not received professional training, was naturally eliminated.

Although the competition failed, everything had just begun. Chen Yan’s onstage made her a local celebrity. It also gave her more opportunities to develop into a special actor. Merchants from all walks of life find Chen Yan, hoping that Chen Yan can take on some commercial activities.

The failure gave her a heavy blow, and her sudden popularity also made her very impetuous. After a long period of adjustment and calmed down, she began to reflect on herself and analyze her own problems. After learning how to settle down, he changed from self-confidence in appearance to polishing the character of Chairman Mao, and took a big step towards the transformation of a special actor.

The effort paid off, and she was successfully selected by the director in an audition performed by the crew. But at the same time, she also encountered a bigger problem. Her female figure and height could not match Chairman Mao’s…

3. Have a dream and don’t give up

As long as the mind does not slip, there are more methods than difficulties. In order to play Chairman Mao better, Chen Yan gained 50 pounds. At the same time, in order to be consistent with Chairman Mao’s height, he had to wear special shoes that are 30 cm high during the performance. This is a very hard work.

It is not easy for anyone to succeed. In order to make the image of Chairman Mao appear more vividly in Chen Yan, she paid a lot. It is precisely in this way that she has also ushered in a period of rising career and fame.

While constantly polishing herself, Chen Yan’s behavior was closer to Chairman Mao, and her husband was troubled. Whenever he went to bed, he felt that there was a man sleeping next to him. So far, the job she has been engaged in has not been understood by her family, and she feels very sad.

Summary: In order to become a material, pine trees never show up to the outside of the greenhouse where spring is all year round. Every successful person is like this, giving what ordinary people can’t give. Only by achieving one’s own utmost can we survive in such a highly competitive environment.

Success is not just a result, it is a long and arduous process. No one can predict the future, but there is always a group of people like Chen Yan who grasp the present, regardless of the gossip around them, and go on the path of their dreams, and they have gone far, far…


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