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Shazam on Android can identify songs played through headphones

Shazam is an extremely useful app for music lovers, can identify songs and find lyrics just by listening to the sound of the song. However, there is a slight inconvenience, that this software does not have the ability to "listen" to the sound when using headphones. Recently on the latest app version on Android has introduced a new feature called Pop-up Shazam that helps the ability to automatically identify songs when listening through headphones as long as Shazam works in the background.

Normally, users used Shazam by opening the phone's built-in speaker and then opening Shazam or finding a way to get the sound on the microphone of the phone or tablet.

When identifying songs in Pop-up Shazam mode, Shazam will display like a circle chat icon on the main screen (similar to icon messenger, zalo chat). Once the song title is displayed, the software can also display the lyrics, users can adjust this mode through the app's settings options.

When testing Pop-Up Shazam on Android devices with various applications like Spotify and Youtube, this feature works very stable and accurate. However, currently this feature has not been updated on the iOS version of the application.

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This is probably a strange point when Apple bought Shazam in 2018, but this can also be explained when iOS increasingly tightens the management of applications than Android. In an OS that is managed with Apple's high security criteria, having a software running in the background accessing the audio signals of the running applications is extremely sensitive in terms of degree. security, this is also the operating mechanism of call recording software.

Although Apple has integrated Shazam into Siri since 2014, however, for iOS users, this Shazam Pop-up feature can hardly be updated on day two and especially with iOS 13 increasingly tightening. tighten management and access rights of applications.


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