SharQc trial Release of one of the last Hells Angels

SharQc trial Release of one of the last Hells Angels

One of the three Hells Angels still imprisoned since Operation SharQc was released on parole this week.

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Steve Duquette, who has been a member of the Sherbrooke chapter of the motorcycle gang since 1999, was granted leave to leave the penitentiary under a decision rendered Wednesday by the Parole Board of Canada (PBC). He had served two-thirds of a 12-year sentence.

The 55-year-old was found guilty of conspiring to murder in the context of the bloody war the Hells waged on the Rock Machines to take control of the drug market in the 1990s.

Dayle Fredette, one of the two Hells Angels who betrayed the gang to become informers in Operation SharQc, along with Sylvain Boulanger, told the Sûreté du Québec how he and Duquette made an innocent victim towards the end of this war causing 165 deaths.

“90% sure …”

On April 17, 2000, Fredette, who was part of the Quebec chapter of the Hells, alleges that he was accompanied by Duquette and another biker serving as their driver in order to go and assassinate a Rock Machine named Yannick Beauregard , who was undergoing detoxification in a therapy house located in Saint-Frédéric-de-Beauce.

“It was in the narcotics territory of the Sherbrooke chapter. So the Sherbrooke HAs got involved in that murder, ”Fredette testified in a statement obtained by our Investigation Office.

To identify their target, the bikers, who were all armed, had in hand a photo of Beauregard.

“Around 3 am, we got up and took off in the direction of there. We had a .38, a .357 and a rifle with a telescope to do the job. We went to hide under a tree to wait for the world of therapy to come out, ”said the informant Fredette to the police in a somewhat chastened language.

But the plan quickly derailed as soon as the therapy house clients went outside in groups during the morning.

“Me, I try to ‘check’ with my spotting scopes but it’s cold, there’s sweat in it and I can’t see well. So I bend down and look at him through Duquette’s rifle telescope to see if it was Beauregard. I looked at the photo. Worse I was looking at the guy … Worse I said to Duquette: ‘I’m 90% sure it’s him’. Duquette did that, ”said Fredette, mimicking the gesture of a finger pulling the trigger on the gun.

The victim collapsed to the ground and Fredette then ran to approach him, while shouting at the distraught witnesses not to move and pointing the barrel of her .357 caliber revolver in their direction.

“It took the world away,” the former rider continued. There, I approached and I fired several times in the direction of his head. Point blank. After that, I ran away. ”

The Hells weren’t looking forward to their move for long. The same day, the media announced that the victim, who was called Dany Beaudin, had nothing to do with the world of bikers and drug trafficking.

Fredette said that the president of the Quebec chapter at that time, Alain “Indian” Ruest, had apostrophized him the next day. “Another great mistake,” he had reproached her since it was not his first innocent victim.

On the run in Montreal

Steve Duquette was on the run when police arrested Operation SharQc, which targeted 156 members and associates of the Hells, in April 2009.

He was finally captured in November 2011, in Montreal, leaving an apartment near the Olympic Stadium where he had been hiding for more than two and a half years.

This former flagship of Evil Ones bikers in Granby was first sentenced to 20 years in prison but in 2016, the Quebec Court of Appeal reduced his sentence to eight years, in particular because the Crown neglected to disclose all the evidence relevant to several Hells accused in Operation SharQc.

Imposed conditions

In freedom, Duquette will have to respect many conditions if he does not want to be brought back behind bars.

Although he has no intention of ending his association with the Hells, it will be difficult for him to see his fellow bikers before his sentence expires since the PBC forbids him to associate with anyone involved in criminal matters.

Duquette will also have to avoid drinking establishments, observe a daily curfew and provide a detailed account of his personal finances to the federal correctional service.

Normand “Casper” Ouimet, an influential member of the Trois-Rivières chapter guilty of conspiracy for murder, gangsterism and money laundering, as well as Claude Morin, a former member of the Quebec chapter who was one of the few to s. confessing guilt are the only two targets of Operation SharQc to remain behind bars to this day.


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