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Sharing travel experiences in Nha Trang 2 strange places: Doc Let and Bai Mini

Nha Trang is not a new or hot new tourist destination, we have known it for a long time, however Nha Trang has many beautiful and strange places that you can visit. In this outing, I decided to return to Nha Trang after a long time, earned some vacancies and was comfortable, so I wanted to share with you: Doc Long beach, beautiful and Mini beach without people with sea water in the mountain and the sea – the sea – the sky is excellent.

Day 1: drive to Doc Let

On the first day, after taking the flight to Cam Ranh airport and landing, I drove to Nha Trang. I bought my own car package on Klook.com for 200,000 VND, I will have a 4-seater private car to take me to the hotel, not having to call a taxi and not afraid to do anything. Unfortunately, there is no car going to Nha Trang – Cam Ranh, but I also bought it. This price is also equal to the price of service car if purchased outside, it is a little more secure (This article does not advertise for Klook =)))

After returning to the hotel, I rented a motorbike to go to Doc Let. Doc Let is a stretch of beach located about 49 km from the center of Nha Trang, you ride a motorbike for about 1 hour, an hour and a half to the place depending on the running speed (I just run for safety so it takes about 1.5 hours to travel from the Novotel hotel to the place).

According to Wikipedia: Called Doc Let because there are pure white sand dunes running long, tens of meters above the ocean row, separating the land from the sea. From the mainland, to get out to the sea, people only have to overcome the sand dunes, so tired that they have to "slip" on the sand.

I went to Doc Let around 10am, went to the place where I could take a little bath and then rested at noon before bathing in the sea and then going back. This is the place where you can go back in the day, not necessarily stay.

The road to Doc Let has a lot of beautiful scenes that are mesmerizing people, with vast green fields with remote mountains that will make you fall in love, there are large salt fields with high salt dunes drying, and also some The song saw the beautiful blue sand and yellow sea. If you like the natural scene, you have to run this road once for your eyes.

On the way to Doc Let, you will also pass through the area with some famous resorts in Ninh Van Bay area, Linh Ung Pagoda … But I am not interested in this area so I just run without stopping.

Go to Doc Let, you can take a bath at a public beach or in a tourist area operated by TTC. I try to enter the tourist area of ​​TTC, the entrance ticket is 100k / person, including a free freshwater bath, a restaurant, a floating buoy on the beach is quite fun. TTC operates this area quite cleanly and well, but I still expect more at the price of 100k: water is weak at my bathroom (I heard that through other baths will be stronger), the food part is too big. not able to eat 2 people (going to the group is fine). The day I went to TTC resort area, I also welcomed a delegation of 3,000 Chinese tourists, so it was quite noisy.

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Being the very beautiful Doc Let beach, blue and blue, the sea is clear and there are waves, long and long sandy beaches with distant trees looking extremely lovely. Anyone who likes the sea will like this place. There are wave things that will be slightly bigger than when you swim outside islands like Binh Hung, Binh Ba, and Phu Quoc … because this area seems to be a place to catch the wind.

I didn't eat much in this area so there was not much to share, only one plate of rice was made that afternoon. I heard that Doc Let seafood is very delicious and cheap, share it with experienced brothers.

Day 2: Mini beach, Nha Trang with private cano

On the second day, I took the time to go to the island. This song is going to plan, so I have to learn a lot before deciding. First I consulted on the internet, I found quite a lot of tours to go 3 islands or 4 islands, but I guess that the tour is very crowded, and the tour will visit famous places like Tre (with Vinperal Land) , Mun island (with beautiful coral), Tranh beach (on Hon Mieu Island), so I guess it will be very crowded and full of Chinese guests on it (I guess it is true).

So I don't think I try to go to my own canoe for comfort, the train is my own so I can go anywhere I like, the time is also decided by me, not depending on the group. I asked for a round, I could also get my own cano rental for 1.5 million VND for 2 Hon Mun islands and Mini island, I found it very affordable, so I always contacted. I contact Mr. Hoai to order cano, phone number 0988843210, you need to call.

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8:30 am I go to Nha Trang Port, which is called "Big Port". From here I can go straight to Hon Mun, initially planning to snorkel and watch coral but naturally, I just want to relax and go to Mini beach. This is the most interesting place of the journey.

Mini Beach is actually a small sand beach, it is located right next to the famous Tranh beach on Hon Mieu Island, however, because it is small and few people know, very few visitors come here and the stay time is not long. This is an important factor, because I go to rest, where the fewer people the better, the better the better.

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Beautiful Mini beach, fine white sand, clear and unstopped sea water, so bathing quite comfortably. There are not many Chinese tourists here so it is noisier than other beaches, mainly Vietnamese and Korean guests. Bath, freshwater bath fee is 175,000 VND / person, including chair, even … wherever you like, feel free to choose.

I stay at Mini Beach for more than 1 hour, mainly bathing in the beach because of the beautiful scenery. While swimming and watching the sea and the island, it must be said to be excellent. The water here is also clean and beautiful, something is not equal to Binh Hung and Binh Ba areas. If Binh Hung is 10 points, there are 8 points here. The scene here checkin live silently.

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After bathing, you can take a fresh water bath. The freshwater baths look quite funny, it is the niches built on stone, inside there are fresh water faucets, the outside is the seafront embankment. When the shower you can see through the bamboo screen sees the sea, it is also quite interesting and cool : D

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After swimming, I called Cano to welcome me to the fishing village. It was on the other side of Mieu Island, this area was called Tri Nguyen. Eating is fresh, they have rafts to raise seafood, to eat any children to catch them to process. There are cobia, squid, hemp, snapper, shrimp, cow fish … Although the freshness is good, the processing, marinating, tasting … is not very special.

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Day 3: bathing in Nha Trang, swimming in the hotel pool, going back

Nothing too special : D Go home and make money to play again.

Nha Trang brothers or brothers who have experience in this area please comment on comments about 2 places Doc Let and Bai Mini, and if I lack any information or anything is not good, please comment.

Duy Luân

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