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Sharing experiences for self-sufficient Japanese tourist visas

The famous sunrise country with Cherry blossoms and many fascinating discoveries, is always the desired destination of many brothers. Applying to travel to Japan is quite easy if you have a little financial balance, the self-application procedure is not too complicated.

You prepare the required documents below, remember that missing one of these obligatory, they will refuse to accept the application and ask me to supplement, so you keep abreast of this mandatory Certainly, the application will be accepted, and whether or not to approve a visa will be a favor.

The required records:

  • Passport (original copy), still valid for more than 6 months, having some carpentry to go abroad is more fun, it is also okay.
  • Visa application.
  • Picture card (4.5 x 4.5 cm), affixed directly on the visa application.
  • Labor contract (photo copy), English.
  • Certificate of position and salary of the company (original copy with company seal), English.
  • Certificate of savings book (from VND 100 million or more).
  • Copy bank account within the last 3 months from the date of visa application, English.
  • Travel schedule, English.
  • Hotel Booking.
  • A copy of the marriage registration certificate (if the couple goes together) and a copy of the birth certificate (if there is a child in common), no translation is required, not required.

The records are not required, only if applicable:

  • Home, land, car ownership papers … (photo)
  • Business registration certificate if owner (photo)
  • Business tax declaration

1 – Complete the visa application

You download the visa application this link, fill in all the correct information, then print and paste the card image. This application only needs very basic personal information, note the address in Japan, you remember to write the name of the hotel that you book on the first day.

Instructions for completing the application: https://www.hcmcgj.vn.emb-japan.go.jp/2012/february/20120229_kinyuu_mihon.PDF

2 – Labor contract and salary certification:

  • Labor contract for photo brothers (without authentication), English.
  • Certificate of position and salary, this is not required any standard application, this application depends on each company has its own form, the application should show that the company confirms you are working in the "A" department with the position "B" case, and the salary is "xxx", the signed director has it stamped.

3 – Savings certificate and bank statement:

  • You go to a bank where you have a savings book, please get the savings book in English.
  • Statement of bank account is similar, note that in the last 3 months, they are mainly interested in the right salary to the account as certified by the company that they have declared, in which the balance is how much not important.

4 – Travel schedule and hotel booking:

You should make your own schedule, because when they receive the documents, they will ask where they plan to go, go for a few days, through Japanese customs they may ask the same, so if I do, I will remember and answer correctly . The fact that Japanese customs uncle asked me to take 3 minutes to go around and where to go, I think you should know your schedule.

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This is an example of my schedule, this time I concentrate only in Hokkaido area, but it depends on how you go. However, this calendar is only for the purpose of obtaining a visa. After obtaining a visa, you can go anywhere to do whatever you like.

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Note: the schedule of declaration at any hotel must have a booking at that hotel. Airline tickets to some web carriers to get information on flight dates and flight codes, they just need to declare, do not require flight ticket booking.

Booking hotels: brothers on any website booking hotels are also (hotels.com, booking.com, agoda.com, …). It is very important for you to note this because it is important to lose money, it is to find a hotel for postpaid payment, free cancellation. Like me, it is placed on agoda, after the booking is completed, there will be a confirmation email with a reservation file, print that file, brother. After printing the mail again, click on "Manage booking", it will lead to the website link and cancel, to miss the visa is not lost money hotel. After obtaining a visa, you can either re-book the same hotel or change another hotel.

5 – Additional information:

  • All photocopies, when submitted, need to bring the originals for comparison, and the staff receiving the reconciliation documents will return all originals.
  • When submitting the application, you will not have to pay any money. After receiving the visa, you will receive a receipt, only if you pass the visa, will you need to pay 630,000 VND / visa to receive the visa.
  • Go to file to bring ID card to enter the gate declared with the handsome police right at the door, no ID card he does not give in.
  • Receive profile: all morning. Pay visa results: all afternoons (working hours, Saturdays and vacations)
  • Application processing time: 8 days (excluding Saturday and Sunday)
  • Visa is valid within 3 months, can travel in Japan for 15 days, entry once

After the application is completed, you will return to your normal house, wait until the 7th day, you will have a consular sister call you to report the results of your visa or not, it will be Come and get your passport, brother.

When I remember remembering to take the receipt they gave me when I received the application, if I don't have a visa, don't ask people why, they will never explain why to you.

Wishing you a happy phone call from the consulate after 8 days of filing

Minh Dá»±.

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