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At the time of writing this article, Tet is very close, with the spring atmosphere filled with streets and houses together to welcome the new year. Tet today is very different from Tet in the past, but maybe due to … occupational diseases, so I still have more or less in common, that is the TV. The flow of time can erase everything, but after Tet, the home is more or less a TV and many of them are Sony Android TV.

Sony TV has been and remains the gateway to connect the family with the atmosphere of Tet everywhere

I don’t know about you, but ever since I realized what “Tet” is, the TV has become an indispensable part. Once upon a time, my family used a big CRT TV, which means that the TV is only big but actually the screen is fat. That said, I still like it, Tet is a time when the broadcaster is racing to show some spring programs, from music to comedy to make children fascinated in the past (including the person who wrote this article). And like the countless families of those days, at least some of their relatives and friends, the TV that often appeared in the setting for the Tet holiday was Sony Wega. Yes, the “Sony-like” phrase is from here, you don’t need to look far.

So make sure you read through “a few numbers” on my TV hands on this forum, and also see that more or less I also favor the Sony brand. It’s easy to say that their products are delicious, or more accurately, small or large, watching Sony TVs, so I also like this Japanese brand’s style of expression. From the time of CRT Wega TV to Bravia LCD, to always Bravia OLED, Sony TVs have always shown neutral colors, not too bright but still flattering and highly detailed. And when you go through nearly thirty New Year’s holidays, you will realize that a lot of values ​​will exist that seem to be eternal over time.

Smartphone for FA only, want to have fun with your family will have a TV

I grew up during a smartphone boom, when a tiny phone was supposed to be able to replace countless other devices in the world from computers, watches and, of course, TVs. . That said, it’s just some marketing gossips, smartphones are really important, but there are items that will take a long time to replace. The most obvious is of course a computer, who can plug their heads all day into the tiny screen of your phone and dare to flap your breasts is highly effective. TV is another story, even that is a sad story.


It is a bit of a pity, but please confirm that if you think that a smartphone can replace the TV, you are just a lonely person, think so, do not ask why some are not FA. It is true that smartphones are very convenient and with the development of technology, you can watch everything of the TV on a small screen. But that was only for you to watch, but for the whole family to watch, there must be a TV. In the old days of the FA, I used to think that the whole world would be smaller with just a smartphone, but later having a girlfriend and getting married, I realized that the world was still very large and took the money to go shopping for TV. And now TV is not medium, if the phone becomes “smart” (smart), then Smart TV is also a trend. Even Android TV on Sony Bravia TVs is actually the popular Android operating system on smartphones with similar entertainment features (if not more) and optimizing the experience on the big screen.

Android TV is the best Smart TV operating system right now

If you follow the articles about Android TV, not only Delicate but also the online community from domestic to foreign countries, you will also hear about it. Generally speaking, in terms of applications for the Smart TV operating system is not much different, but Android TV pays money in the first place since its launch, it has supported quite standard Vietnamese. Starting out is simply looking for content, but recently Google has added the ability to support Vietnamese virtual assistant Google Assistant to help you master your smart home. In terms of software development, Google can say that it is unmatched, so most smartphones today only use Android, but they do not use Tizen or WebOS.


Sony is not the only company that uses Android TV, but they combine it with the best picture quality. In the past, grandparents used to say that “There is color without talent”, they just throw it away, today, “having talent without color” does not do anything. Many TV companies take care of promoting smart features, but the image is bad for blindness, while many companies recognize that the image quality is good but the feature experience is not equal to Android TV. Europeans until now, only Sony has a good balance between these two elements. The question is, what is fun about celebrating Tet with Android TV?

Tet with Sony Android TV is quite a lot of good

Tet is of course a lot of fun. You will be free to play around, temporarily forget everyday worries as well as every morning without having to drag to school or work. But the most fun is that it is to meet relatives, no matter where far away will (try to) reunite with family. If meeting each other, of course, it will certainly be time … to talk, but the thing is that enjoying the Tet program is guaranteed because there are countless channels for you to choose.


The beauty of Android TV in particular and Smart TVs in general is that they can act as a complete home entertainment system. Once upon a time, a disc player, a karaoke machine were both annoying and expensive, now just connected to the internet is a Sony Android TV that can meet your needs from A-Z without any trouble. That’s because Android TV supports a lot of applications that provide entertainment content, from internet TV, movie applications to unique aggregated content from YouTube.

First of all is internet television, one of the great inventions of digital technology. Tet holiday, the TV channels compete to launch special spring programs for you to freely choose. However, in the past, when the show was on time, you missed it as if it was lost. With internet TV, some stations now support playback of old programs, making it easier for you and your family to arrange time than ever before. In addition, it also avoids a fraternal fraternity, and brothers and sisters scramble to watch television. Modern Smart TV helps your family to relax, just eat a piece of cake and drink water and slowly decide what to watch.


On another level, we have movie-making applications like Netflix or Film +, helping your family to choose for themselves special movies at home and abroad to enjoy as you like. The image quality must be said to be very impressive, even devouring traditional TV channels rather than just right. Remembering the old days, I always watched HBO with Star Movies, good movies, but if talking about options, of course, it is impossible to be equal to today’s applications.

And of course not to mention YouTube, where there is all the content that you can think of. I think you read this article more or less every day and watch Youtube on smartphones already, but how many of you enjoy YouTube with your family? That was when Android TV shone with the ability to connect very conveniently with Android smartphones (yes, they were all developed by Google, not surprisingly); With just one click, you can play everything from your small smartphone to the big screen of the TV to watch with your family.


Equally interesting is the ability to search for content in Vietnamese, when a simple command “Hey Google, XYZ” with XYZ is the topic you want to find, a huge content store will be opened. for you to choose. Most Android TV models support voice search using a microphone on the remote, but Sony has taken it to a new level, integrating the microphone directly into the TV. This allows anyone in the family to easily use, instead of having to switch the remote back and forth quite annoying. However, it should be noted that the direct command feature for TVs only supports high-end models such as X8000G and above.


Referring to the voice control, of course, it is indispensable that “Google Assistant” now knows Vietnamese and promises to be the best member of the family this Tet. I don’t know about you, but in the past, my family used to have some “tragedies” like this: the whole family watched TV but found that the room lights were too bright so they needed to be turned off, and that was some “chore” work. No one wants to do it, so one will have to “eat onions” for the rest “to enjoy”. Listening is small, but if anyone has gone through the time of a child, he or she will understand, the emotion is very terrible. So having Google Assistant turned out to be good, now when you set up the entire smart home system, you only need to give an order, the virtual assistant will “obediently” do housework to make sure your family doesn’t feel cheated. . In addition, the family can also “ask” her opinion of the weather as well as places to hang out, so that the best preparation for the spring trip is favorable.


And that is how I feel about the TV on Tet holiday as well as Android TV that will bring interesting things for this year’s Tet season. Of course the feelings are different for everyone, please share your feelings about Tet 2020 below.

Wishing you a Happy New Year!

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