Share some personal experiences after years of motorbike riding

Share some personal experiences after years of motorbike riding

I would like to share some personal experiences after many years of motorbike riding as follows : rolleyes:

  • One of the most important things to ensure safety when traveling by motorbike is: wearing a helmet and a mirror! Many people disregard these two things for reasons of mirroring problems, causing the car to lose its quality or take a short road, the police do not have to wear a helmet? Then, when it comes out for heaven's sake, then at that time I fell at the number : D
  • Check tires, brakes and gasoline before you go (especially with long trips) because you won't notice how to walk in the middle of the road to find a place to sell gas or where to get a tattoo! Unfortunately, if you fall into uneven places, you know each other right away! If the brakes are worn out or not working, only the brake fluid is left, I do not dare think of the end of this : D
  • Absolutely not use your mobile phone while driving, only 1 second careless can be exchanged with your own or someone's life! Needed, it was absolutely impossible to listen or call someone, a few minutes later than the rest of his life : rolleyes:
  • Strictly abide by traffic signs and signals, if you have to stop the red light, you should observe the rear as soon as a few horrific accidents have happened due to crazy drivers from behind with the reason drowsiness, fatigue, fermentation, damage or neglect, neglect :)
  • Motorcyclists do not hit the hammock, spleen, pull back absolutely not surprise the pedestrians! Like to make a sudden turn, do not press the turn, close the curve to press or turn left but turn right! Don't think that will trick anyone, this is traffic, not in football but thinking about it : D
  • Do not go too slow continuously (except when the road is so crowded that it cannot go fast) because this sometimes makes it difficult for the rear vehicles to overtake, reducing the speed of many others, causing unnecessary inhibition. :)
  • When stop the red light, do not press the horn while the lamp is still showing 3-10s, I know a lot of people who often do this kind of thing are having urgent and urgent things but the real thing simply wants to get ahead of people other! Very impolite and young buffalo : rolleyes:
  • Always be alert when participating in traffic whether driving a car or a motorbike, having drunken alcohol, don't try to drive! The best way is to let someone else pass or take a break until your mind is clear and drive again : rolleyes:
  • No slouching, honking loudly in the early morning, late at night or in places where prohibited! Many people rely on the PKL car to be loud to the point that they want to be deaf, the feeling from the beginning of the street to the end of the street is also heard. collision : mad:
  • Absolutely do not go into the blind spot, especially of trucks and container trucks, especially when there are bends in front! If you want to overtake yourself, observe the safe distance, watch the signal of some vehicles mentioned above and flash the lights! When overcoming quickly, do not maintain the speed running parallel with the above-mentioned cars! I see both the reality and the photos & clips on the internet, there are people who take advantage of cars to make parasols when moving under the hot weather! Too aggressive, death has a day : D
  • Do not carry goods too cumbersome, affecting people when participating in traffic! It is easy to crash and drop or drop goods, at the same time just damage the goods, and take time to pick up and re-arrange the car, both obstructing traffic, not to mention the probability of causing casualties to road users. high : rolleyes:
  • Only up to 2 people when riding a motorbike (including the rider), from 3-4 people are automatically considered to be violating the rules! However, I have seen many cases where the couple has inserted one or two small children who are not whistled by the police, this is probably a rare case of being ignored and the case of carrying the injured to the emergency. : rolleyes:
  • Do not drive in the opposite direction on one-way roads because this is dangerous for people on the right path! Strictly, when the road is empty or there are many people who work many times still go backwards (including me), hope to get rid of this habit soon though knowing it is not easy : p
  • When there is a traffic accident, do not stop parking to watch and record videos because of curiosity and curiosity! This will interfere with traffic, causing local road congestion, especially during peak hours o_O
  • Finally, pay attention to regular car maintenance to keep the car running in the best conditions, safe for yourself and for the whole community. : cool:


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