Share how to clean your phone screen
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Share how to clean your phone screen

Below is a bit of my experience regarding screen cleaning, if you have any more, then add it.

Things to do when cleaning the phone screen

Use a special cloth to wipe the screen or wipe the glass, lightly dampening one corner. Do not use too much water.

Gently wipe the screen of your phone or tablet in one direction. For example, you can use a towel to wipe from left to right, then lift the towel, back a little lower, then left to right. This ensures that you wipe the screen clean and do not remove stains from place to place.

I see some of you guys clean the screen in a circle from the inside out, that's fine, seeing it work well.

And remember to wash the towels occasionally, let the dirty towels or stains harden so easily scratch the screen or wipe forever.

Things not to do when cleaning the screen

Do not use harsh cleaning chemicals. If you want to wash with liquid, the water is good, or the solutions that the manufacturer says can wipe the computer screen, phone.

Do not use napkins, paper towels or other hard cloths that could scratch the screen. These scratches are small but each time you wipe it will continue to build up, gradually creating visible long scratches.

Do not use too much water, just wet a little towel is okay.

Do not push the screen too hard when cleaning the screen.


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