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Windows 10 operating system is considered one of the most optimal operating systems and is widely used in many parts of the world. Compared to previous versions of the Windows operating system, Win 10 stands out from the interface, software to control operations. When installing for a long time or there is a problem that causes you to reinstall Windows 10, the first thing users think of will be ghost windows 10.

Ghost again windows is a quick and convenient way to reinstall windows for computers to help skip the setup steps when installing windows. Ghost will be faster than reinstalling windows, so sometimes use ghost windows 10 64bit is a great choice. The following article will give you information about ghosts and windows how to ghost win 10.

ghost windows 10

Learn about Ghost Win 10

Ghost Win 10 Ghost Win 10 is a Ghost Windows 10 download for those of you who need to install the Windows 10 operating system. The Ghost Win 10 version is taken from the original Windows 10 installation and removed some unnecessary apps, as well as dark. optimize, tweak the essentials to make your machine work better.

So, instead of having to completely reinstall the Windows 10 operating system, the ghost of Windows 10 will be fast, smooth, light and help you save installation time and be safe for the system. Currently, there are two ghost versions, ghost Win 10 32bit and ghost Win 10 64bit google drive, you can choose the appropriate version to install for your computer.

Should I install Ghost win 10 or not?

Many people often wonder between reinstalling Windows 10 and ghosting again. In fact, ghost win is always preferred over reinstalling windows. Because if you reinstall Windows, users will need to re-download the driver that came with the machine until all the necessary drivers are available to use it.

ghost windows 10

Ghost win will be faster and more convenient. With the ghost win 10 32/64bit google drive is fully integrated with the included driver. Thanks to that, you just need to perform the ghost operation to win again, no need to install any additional software or drivers at all, you can use it right away.

Some outstanding information about ghost win 10 can be mentioned as: Ghost version does not personalize with any Windows components. It has been optimized and multi-configured before backup, integrated with both Windows and Office activation tools, etc.

Which version of Ghost win 10 is suitable?

There are quite a few versions now Ghost windows 10, you can easily find a ghost on the internet, but there are two quite common types of ghost win 10 32bit and 64bit. Depending on the purpose of use, you can choose the ghost version of Windows 10 to suit your machine. If you are an office worker, you need to use a very smooth, light ghost with good security. If you are a gamer, you will need a strong configuration, smooth gameplay, beautiful graphics. Then, Ghost windows 10 64bit will be the perfect choice for you.

To be able to install ghost win 10 64bit google drive your machine needs configuration requirements such as: If you want to install 32bit version your machine needs 1GB RAM, and 2GB RAM with 64bit version. Memory needs to be 16GB free if installing 32bit version and 20GB for 64bit version.

How to download ghost windows 10 to your computer

To be able to download the ghost version of Windows 10 to your computer, you need to follow a few steps below.

Step 1: First, you need to turn off the firewall and Defender. If you do not turn off these two software, when installing the ghost version, it will be faulty because it is deleted by these two software.

Step 2: Because the state of being hacked happens a lot, so to be able to install the ghost version you will need to do some steps to verify you are not a robot.

Step 3: You need to download the software to your computer and extract the software to install it ghost windows 10. You can decompress with some decompression software like 7-Zip or Winrar. … The password to extract is 040687. After extracting, you can install the software and use it. Here are some download links ghost win 10 64bit google drive. Just click on the following link to download:


Step 4: After downloading and decompressing, you need to perform some other steps such as: Tweak the Bios; copy the data back to drive D or drive E; partition the hard drive using USB Boot Anhdv or DLC Boot into Mini windows and finally proceed to extract Ghost to use the software.

Instructions for installing ghost windows 10

Some notes when downloading ghost windows 10

After downloading the ghost, please check the correct MD5 and then install the ghost version of Windows 10. To be able to use the ghost for the most optimal and most effective effect, you should perform garbage cleaning and darkening. software advantage. At the same time you should defragment with HDD.

Here is the information about Ghost windows 10 and how to install ghost windows 10 32/64bit. How to install ghost win 10 is not as difficult as you think, try to do it at home. Hopefully our above article will help you install ghost win 10 successfully.

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