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Share experiences & tips using the Xiaomi vacuum robot

Share with you some experience using your Xiaomi robot vacuum so that it serves you better.

Sometimes remember to clean up for it

Once in a while, remember to clean up your robot, including changing water, washing clothes, washing filters, and cleaning dust trays. These things are fine every 3 days, if you have time then do it more often. And about 1 month, you should wipe the entire body of the robot, remember to also wipe the orange hump of the robot because this is the radar tracking the machine's path.

Note that if you wash the air filter or wash the dust tray, all of them must be dry to dry and then installed in the robot. If not, dust and water can block the air intake of the robot, you will hear the robot prompt.

Also, you need to change the filter periodically, and if the robot's brush is too diaper, you should change it. These spare parts you can buy at Xiaomi stores, or genuine Vietnamese Mi Store also sold (I usually buy in Mi Store District 2 – Cantaville).

The map of the robot is self-running, self-learning, you don't need to do anything

When I first bought the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner, I thought that I had to control it little by little so that it could scan the map. Turns out I'm wrong, just press the Clean up button on the app or the body to let the robot clean itself, in the process it scans itself and saves the map, you don't have to do anything.

After sweeping the whole house, from next time onwards you can use the Mi Home app to view your home map, set up No Go Zones, or control it to move in one room. specified.

See more ways to use No Go Zone in this article, guys.

Set the English voice for the robot

If you buy a Chinese version robot then it's okay, you can go to Mi Home app> select your robot> press the 3 dots button> Robot voice and volume. Here you can download the English language pack, then the robot will speak in English if there is a problem, as well as notify the operating status for you. Choose the package with "English, femail voice", guys.

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Self-timer is the best

This is the mode that I think everyone should use, but whoever is free to go and press the robot it runs, it's too manual. Instead, you can set a time for everyone to leave, or the time when your home is empty, for the robot to operate by itself.

Like my house, I set it at 9:30 am because by then everyone has gone to work, it runs all the way until 10:30, then returns to the dock automatically.

To set the time to run automatically, use the Mi Home app> select your robot> press the 3 dots button> Timer. You can set it to stop running on weekends, or every other day, at the hours you specify. Very flexible.

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Clean up in a certain location

For example, you have a new place that has just spilled the dust or just finished drilling the wall, you can order the robot to clean up exactly that one place. This feature is called Spot Cleanup. You can move the robot to where it needs to be cleaned and press the small button to the right of the robot (there is a plug button to return to the dock, and the stop / continue button, the next button is the Spot Cleanup button).

Spot Cleanup when running will use more power to clean up, so the sound is also louder, this is normal bro.

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