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Share about the black Apple Magic Keyboard: typing happy, beautiful, but too expensive!

Last week, I was so unlucky, all the bad mice went to the keyboard, so I had to buy a new one. The mouse bought the Logitech M590 and shared it with the brothers, and the keyboard is due to the familiar layout, the distance of the Apple keyboard, so I decided to buy the Apple keyboard for the desktop. But which one to choose? Magic Keyboard, Magic Keyboard 2, or Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad? After a while of deliberation, taking out my wallet, putting my wallet in, then again checking out how much money I had, I decided to buy the black Magic Keyboard with a numeric keypad.

Experience typing: smooth, good

This is my first feeling when typing this keyboard. Now I am used to typing butterfly-style keyboard on MacBook with light force so I no longer like to type other normal keys. But the downside of butterfly wings is that the bounce is not very good yet. Apple's Magic Keyboard keyboard overcomes this problem, probably because it has more space to go a little deeper.

The feeling of typing on Magic Keyboard with the numeric keypad is quite smooth, pleasant, bouncing well, the sound is not as loud as when typing on the MacBook Pro. Plus a wide area of ​​keys, so you'll rarely type wrong. If you are familiar with the layout and distance between Apple keys, you can use Magic Keyboard right away, no need to spend time getting used to again.

Magic Keyboard's numeric keypad is a point I like, because sometimes I have to type the number in the spreadsheet. However, its greatest effect to me is Create fulcrum for comfortable hands. I used a Magic Keyboard without a numeric keypad, I didn't like it because my hand did not have a fulcrum, it had to be suspended in mid-air. Just because of this feeling, I have to spend more money.

Design of beautiful keyboard

This is not a table, I have not seen a better keyboard than the Magic Keyboard with a black numeric keypad. The bold black keys emerge on the striking, luxurious, eye-catching aluminum space frame. I like all my technology to be beautiful, so I have to use it, especially when I use it to work, I need inspiration.

Previously I used the Apple Keyboard with numeric keys, but the old one is wired, showing that the new Magic Keyboard design is more beautiful in that there is a thin line of gradual forward, similar to when you look at the two sides of MacBook Air. It looks attractive, modern and less angular than the old version.

The closest equivalent keyboard I've ever seen is Microsoft's Surface Keyboard, but I use it with a Mac so there's no reason to buy this Surface Keyboard.

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Using Bluetooth, can both charge and use

This Magic Keyboard uses Bluetooth, it has a switch to turn on and off and charge via Lightning port. Included in the box of the Black Magic Keyboard is a charger cord that is also black, very beautiful and harmonious. If the keyboard runs out of battery, you can just charge the battery again because the charging port is located on the front of the keyboard, connecting the cord to the computer. This is more convenient for office people than the keyboard using AA batteries, and if the battery runs out of power, runs to buy. The admin girls are not always available for borrowed batteries.

Disadvantages: Too expensive

The biggest drawback of Magic Keyboard with the numeric keypad is that it's too expensive. I bought this keyboard and found it portable for 3.4 million VND, found genuine goods sold at the store up to more than 4.4 million, also sold on Tiki somewhere around 3.8-3.9 million. Spending so much money on the keyboard is not something everyone can do, even if you are an Apple fan. But I still decided to buy it because this keyboard is nice, good, I have to give blood to Apple.

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If you are not too stressed about having a nice keyboard, you have many options for other Bluetooth keyboards from Logitech and many accessories in the market. This will be a more economical solution while the user experience will still be similar. Just not as beautiful.

Duy Luân

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