"Shanhe Ling" has two concerts in May, netizens make their own playlists, which is awesome

“Shanhe Ling” has two concerts in May, netizens make their own playlists, which is awesome

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Hello, everyone, I’m Chenguang!

After “Shanhe Order” was broadcast this year, it was immediately welcomed by many friends. There are many reasons. The crew still put a lot of effort into restoring the play. The protagonists Zhang Zhehan and Gong Jun performed in the play. It also made many viewers very pleased.

In this drama, the crew can be said to have described the emotions between Wen Kexing and Zhou Zishu very delicately. Looking at the domestically produced pure love adaptations that have been watched over the years, this drama is still relatively bold in terms of scale. of.

For pure love dramas, the audience’s requirements are actually not many. The first is that the protagonist’s appearance should be high, and the second is that the plot to be acted must be performed. In many previous dramas, it seems that the expression of “brotherhood” It’s very cryptic. When it comes to “Order of Mountains and Rivers”, the director can say that the two protagonists have given a lot of roles, and even use lip language instead in some places, for fear that the audience does not know what they are talking about. The crew is so conscientious. The audience can still see it.

“Mountain River Order” scored as high as 8.4 points on Douban, and successfully won the first place in the rating of pure love adaptations. Compared with some previous pure love adaptations, this drama actually has many highlights, such as starring in this one. The actor Gong Jun of the play had already starred in a pure love drama before this show, that is, “Shengshi”, and the acting skills in “Shengshi” are also leveraged.

The difference is that in “Sheng Shi”, he starred in “Zero”, and in this show is Wen Kexing. Everyone knows that the change of setting made me a little unable to switch at the beginning. , But after looking at the setting of Wen Kexing in the original work, I finally understand why Gong Jun should be cast.

This play has a good restoration of the plot of the original novel. Many plots in the play can bring a profound experience to the readers of the original novel.

After the show is over, the crew will take advantage of the heat to hold two concerts in May, and the theme of the concert is to be born confidant, which will be held at the Suzhou Stadium.

Therefore, netizens also made a playlist for the concert, but this playlist is really suitable.

Every time after the success of the online drama, there will be concerts to give back to the fans. For example, the Thai concert of “Chen Qing Ling” has surprised many audiences. I don’t know what surprises will come from the “Shan He Ling” concert this time!

Moreover, when Gong Jun and Zhang Zhehan will be asked about the lip language at the concert site by the time, well, today’s sharing is over.


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