Shadowbringers will be stocking up on content next April

While a few days ago all eyes were on the upcoming Endwalker expansion for Final Fantasy XIV, do not forget that the current one, Shadowbringers, still has a lot to offer us in the coming months. The next update will therefore be 5.5, nicely titled Death Unto Dawn, and will be divided into two parts.

The first part will be available from April 13, at the same time as the open beta of Final Fantasy XIV in its PS5 version, and will be the opportunity to offer us the grand finale of the alliance raid YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse, which has so far offered us great content, so we only hope for one thing: an end in apotheosis.

The second part of the update will arrive in May., more or less in the wake of the online Fan Festival, which will take place on May 15 and 16. This second part will put a real end to Shadowbringers, and will logically make the transition to Endwalker, which we will unfortunately have to wait until the fall of 2021. There will therefore be a big hollow during the summer, the team wishing to put the package to make up for the delay caused by the pandemic, but there is no doubt that the elements that will be revealed during the Fan Festival in May, will manage to keep us going until the fall.

What’s coming to Final Fantasy XIV on April 13

  • The epic will continue its progress, with the first part on April 13, and continuation and end in May, in order to tease the next expansion;
  • Last part of the alliance raid around the NieR license, just 10 short days before the commercial release of NieR Replicant Remaster;
  • La Complainte de Werlyt will continue to show us the Empire from another angle;
  • The Diamond Weapon will be as we expected from the game (normal and extreme), which will be the ultimate challenge here, hopefully as challenging as the previous Weapons;
  • Paglth’an Dungeon will be added to the list, doable in adjuration mode, and we hope it surprises us just as much as Matoya’s Workshop;
  • The Queen’s Guard content will allow us to upgrade our Relic weapons to their very last level of power;
  • After Titan, it will be the turn of a new primordial to give us a hard time in unreal difficulty, with great rewards.

As for the additions of “less” importance, also know that the exploration mode, initiated previously, will now allow you to browse dungeons up to level 70. A feature that we have not yet tested personally, so do not hesitate. not to tell us in the comments what you thought of it, if you have already used it yourself.

Also, the craftsmen will be once again at the party, with the addition of new tools to continue to improve the skill level, and the reconstruction of Ishgard approaching its end, the inhabitants of Azure will not fail to show their joy in celebrating the end of the work. This splendid reconstruction will bring us to the new extension a new place of residence that is already giving us an eye, but we feel that we will have to fight to hope to obtain a house location.

We also invite you to read our summary (below) of the announcements made during the event that unveiled the next extension of Final Fantasy XIV, and don’t forget that in addition to the fact that the trial version of the game allows you to play for free up to level 60, we are especially in full period of promos at -50% until February 18th, so if the game tempts you, now is the best time to get started, whether through the Square Enix store, or on the PlayStation Store.


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