Shadow Wars lets you summon hundreds of mages

Mobile League: Shadow Wars brings a world of magical changes to challenge players’ intelligence when applying the familiar general fighting style.

If you don’t know yet Mobile League: Shadow Wars is a hands-free fighting game game that has just been released by Funcheergame company in recent days. Similar to the gameplay of other games of the same type, this game works by using the cards to summon Heroes and Mages and upgrade, wear equipment, increase their stars and use them as weapons to battle. win against all opponents.

With such a simple gameplay, the product allows players to summon hundreds of generals, from which they can breed, awaken to a new category with more than ten thousand virtual power and skill sets. times. Besides, each hero and magician are also classified according to each clan to play a similar role in battle. So players need to learn and calculate carefully to build a team of 6 heroes like the most.

Good picture and sound effects:

Although it is only 2D + graphics, Mobile League: Shadow Wars Mobile has brought players a lot of emotions and is extremely charismatic thanks to the extremely detailed Warcraft III-themed character creation.

The skill effects, the character’s fighting moves are also done very well and vividly, giving players a sense of authenticity that is indescribable when witnessing the fighting of the two sides.

On the other hand, the map scene is also elaborately depicted by the developer, accurately portraying the mysterious space that the game is aiming for.

Next is the background music effects, voice skills, heroes that are made very carefully from familiar mouth sentences to the extremely lively attack effect.

+ System of generals rich, diverse equipment attached: In the game Mobile League: Shadow Wars, players are collected many different heroes and mages. Through the accompanying cards you can know a lot of things about the general, from attributes, functions, suitable equipment, combat ability … So knowing and understanding the general will help. a lot in building strategic squads.

At the same time, the collection of cards for heroes and mages is also set out throughout the game experience. In addition to receiving cards, the player can receive a lot of equipment attached. If you know how to use and mix them, you can completely create items with high value.

+ Customizable battle squad: Flexibility in building a squad to fight is another plus point of this game. Not only is it free to let players collect hundreds of heroes and mages, but the manufacturer also allows players to customize the fighting squad with many different styles and functions thanks to the regeneration system, transforming. flexible minister and clan.

Thanks to that, players can focus on upgrading a main hero and then gradually improving the overall lineup later. In addition, this game also gives players a lot of free time thanks to the Game Idle quality that is properly implanted in PvE, PvP activities. At this point, your job is just to choose the hero to battle, arrange the battle and manage the resources obtained to decide which character will be fostered first.

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