Sexual touching Teacher lured student into bed

Sexual touching Teacher lured student into bed

The Crown is demanding a year and a half in prison for a dramatic arts teacher from the South Shore who lured one of his students to lure her into her bed, while flirting with two other teenage girls.

Renowned womanizer at the university, Dominic Lorion probably did not change his habits when he obtained a teaching position at the polyvalente Louis-Philippe-Paré in Châteauguay, for the 2017-2018 school year.

The problem was, this time the girls he was trying to seduce were underage.

The drama teacher had private conversations with his 16 and 17 year old students on the Messenger app.

The 26-year-old told them about school, but also about more personal matters.

For seven months, he complimented a teenage girl he was particularly close to, telling her that he would like to “sleep close” with her.

In May 2018, after an evening at the high school, her fantasies came true.

The student spent the night with Lorion and the latter took the opportunity to make him sexual touches.

On the way to drive her back to school the next day, the teacher asked her to “hide” in the car, to prevent another member of staff from seeing them.

If he quickly regretted his actions, that did not prevent him from flirting with two other girls at the same time, and thereafter.

Undress his students

Lorion then also used the Snapchat application, on which the messages sent are ephemeral.

While he had consumed drugs and alcohol, he called one of his students in the middle of the night, to tell her that he would send her a taxi “so that she would join him and that he would undress her when she arrived” .

He also invited another teenager to his home to discuss “between two French people”.

They declined these invitations.

A year ago, Lorion pleaded guilty to counts of sexual interference in a position of authority, incitement and decoy.

The teacher’s actions had significant consequences on the victims, both in terms of their confidence in men and in their pursuit of school.

They also informed Judge Marc Bisson last fall at the Longueuil courthouse (see below).

Friday, it was the accused’s turn to deliver his moods to the magistrate.

In a long monologue, Lorion repeated ad nauseam that he regretted the actions he took towards those he called “my victims”.

“I come here to face what I have done and I am ready to receive the punishment like a big one”, he dropped in a theatrical tone.

“Fallen from on high”

According to him, it is quite normal for teachers to have favorites, what is not is to “cross the line”.

Pleading that his client has “fallen from a height”, Me Katherine Labelle believes that six months of detention would be sufficient.

Me Julie Sidara-Charron, of the Crown, calls for a sentence three times longer to “denounce the intolerable gestures towards the three victims”.

Judge Marc Bisson will rule in March.

What the victims told the judge

“The perfect image I had of my teacher and friend has changed. I was no longer proud to follow in his footsteps and then lost all interest in theater, a passion I had had since I was 6 years old. “

– A teenager victim of incitement

“Today, I realize how ridiculous it was, it wasn’t an attendance that saw several people at the same time, it was my teacher who made inappropriate advances to several students.

– A student victim of touching


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