Sexual exploitation Sylvain Villemaire risks up to 15 years in prison

Sexual exploitation Sylvain Villemaire risks up to 15 years in prison

The lawsuit requires up to 15 years in penitentiary for a psychoeducator who brought an 8-year-old girl from Africa to make her sex slave, in exchange for drinking water for the mother.

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” [Une sentence] from 10 to 15 years old, like I killed someone … okay! Sylvain Villemaire arrogantly launched Tuesday at the Montreal courthouse.

Obviously still unaware of the odious nature of his crime, Villemaire, 60, then recalled having “a life elsewhere than in prison” and that a long sentence “does not take into account at all [sa] reality and [de] that of the little one.

“I do not correspond to a dangerous criminal,” he told the court Tuesday. I’ve been detained for 36 months now [préventivement], I’m tired of this circus. “

Except that, no offense to Villemaire, the Crown prosecutor Me Amélie Rivard calls for an exemplary sentence often reserved for repeat offenders or serial rapists.

Exchanged for water

This is because for three years, the retired psychoeducator sexually abused a girl he had brought from Africa, with the blessing of the mother who received in exchange for access to drinking water.

As soon as she arrived in Montreal, the little girl had to submit to the pedophile, signing among other things a “contract” stipulating that Villemaire could do what he wanted “as he wants and when he wants”.

“The treatment that [la victime] suffered at the hands of the accused is nothing less than enslavement, since he was using it as a puppet, ”lamented Judge Pierre Labelle during the verdict.

For three years, the child was thus abused several times a week, except on rare occasions. She was saved by police officers who searched Villemaire’s home in connection with child pornography.

Dangerous offender

Since she was released from her tormentor, the victim has been placed by the Directorate of Youth Protection. And during sentencing arguments next month, a worker is expected to testify about the consequences of the crimes on the child.

Other witnesses will speak about the scourge of child pornography.

But even if the Crown has already announced the sentence it will ask for, Me Rivard still does not rule out asking that Villemaire, guilty of human trafficking, be declared a dangerous offender. He refused to be evaluated, but psychiatrists will look into his case based on the evidence in the file, among other things.

“In my opinion, there is no reason to do an evaluation,” replied Villemaire, who still hopes to reconnect with the victim.


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