Sexual contacts Released after four assaults, he allegedly reoffended

Sexual contacts Released after four assaults, he allegedly reoffended

A judge finds it difficult to explain how a man arrested for sexually assaulting four women, including a lawyer, in front of the Montreal courthouse, was released without charges and then went on to claim three other victims the same day.

“When he was arrested by the special constables, he allegedly said ‘I like to touch women’, as if nothing had happened. But for some unknown reason, he was released. Nine hours later, he would have committed the same offenses on three other women, ”explained Judge Salvatore Mascia by ordering the detention of Luc Meeko, recently, at the Montreal courthouse.

Meeko, 21, frightened several women in October, on the forecourt of the Notre-Dame building in Montreal. For some unexplained reason, he allegedly began to grab the buttocks of passers-by, including a lawyer.

The whole was captured by surveillance cameras of the courthouse as well as by those of the Court of Appeal, it was indicated to the court.

At the shopping mall

” [Selon la preuve de la Couronne], the accused had a threatening behavior, explained the magistrate. And even when one of the victims tried to enter the courthouse, he tried to follow her inside. “

However, despite this, the special constables, who report directly to the Ministry of Public Security, let the man go, without charges.

However, this warning would not have dissuaded Meeko, who would have given it in the afternoon at Place Alexis-Nihon.

“He demonstrated the same bullying behavior,” Judge Mascia explained in his decision.

Protection of women

Again arrested, this time by Montreal police, Meeko was not released. Rather, he was charged both for the victims of the shopping center and for those on the forecourt of the Montreal courthouse.

And if he hoped to get bail by offering to go into solitary confinement and then wait for his trial outside Montreal, the judge ruled that he should remain in detention, given, among other things, the overwhelming evidence against him. . The latter, however, still enjoys the presumption of innocence at this stage of the proceedings.

“Releasing the accused would put all the women, all of them, in immediate danger,” said the magistrate. These are assaults in public, without any restraint. We are talking here about the protection of women who might cross his path. ”

♦ Luc Meeko will return to court in the next few days for the rest of the proceedings.


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