Sexual assault Prison for a 911 dispatcher

Sexual assault Prison for a 911 dispatcher

A 911 dispatcher will not be able to return to his job as he hoped, because he was sentenced to serve 90 days in prison for a sexual assault against a policewoman in the North Crown of Montreal.

“The accused worked in a police environment where respect for the law is essential and where individual conduct must reflect it,” said Judge Paul Chevalier in sentencing Frédéric Guénette-Mégélas to 90 days of detention. He acted in full possession of his faculties, to satisfy his sexual urges, without caring the slightest bit about the harm he could cause to his victim. “

The 38-year-old father was convicted of sexual assault about a year ago, but he has appealed the verdict.

He was hoping to get a conditional discharge as a sentence because you can’t be a 911 dispatcher with a criminal record.

However, the magistrate stressed that the crime committed was too serious and that such an option would be contrary to the public interest.

“A reasonable and well-informed person would hardly understand that an absolution is granted to a person of high moral culpability, having committed a serious crime and having not shown any sign of rehabilitation,” Justice Chevalier argued on Monday. at the Saint-Jérôme courthouse.

In July 2017, the victim went to a pool party with fellow police officers, in which Guénette-Mégélas also participated.

Tired and a little tipsy from alcohol, the young woman, who cannot be identified due to a publication ban, went to rest in the basement during the evening.

Guénette-Mégélas had been making advances to the victim for at least a year, even if he has a wife, also a police officer.

He often complimented her by text and even invited her to spend the night at his house, a proposal that was declined.

During the well-watered party, the dispatcher took advantage of the victim’s sleep to slide his hand into the bottom of her swimsuit, while trying to kiss her.

She awoke, in horror, and pushed him away.

Total intrusion

“The most devastating thing is to have made myself penetrate [avec les doigts]. To be woken up in the same way, without seeing it happen, without context, without physically seeing any landmarks to try to get hold of yourself. A penetration is the most total intrusion you can imagine, ”the victim testified in court last month.

Struggling with significant psychological consequences, she has not yet resumed her work as a patroller.

At trial, the accused denied these actions outright, but Judge Chevalier did not believe him.

– With the collaboration by Claudia Berthiaume


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