Sexual assault Five years in prison for a couple

Sexual assault Five years in prison for a couple

Two men were sentenced to five years in detention at the Montmagny courthouse on Thursday for sexually assaulting a teenager for five and a half years and producing child pornography with him.

The two sex offenders are in their sixties and are a couple. From 1993 to 1998, they jointly committed, and on multiple occasions, sexual assaults on a young adolescent who was only 13 years old, at the time of the first mischief committed against him. Over the years, both the abusers and the victim will engage in acts of masturbation and threesome fellatio. And on two occasions, the two men, who are forbidden to name in order to protect the identity of the victim, will produce videos with the teenager.

The criminal couple pleaded guilty in December 2019 to several counts of the actions with which they are accused in this story.

Breach of trust

One of the abusers is a family member of the victim. While he knows that the family climate is difficult within the adolescent’s home, since the victim’s father is a violent alcoholic, he invites him to spend stays at his home in Quebec, was he mentioned in court.

He and his spouse abuse the victim’s trust by paying him out to restaurants, giving him pocket money and cigarettes, we learned at the time of sentencing. And it is during these visits that they take advantage of the adolescent.

Breach of trust is also part of the long list of elements contributing to the gravity of the crime, to which the judge of the Court of Quebec, Steve Magnan, added the young age of the victim, the duration over which extend the abuses perpetrated, the attack on the integrity of the victim and the exploitation of his vulnerability.

Satisfy low instincts

Judge Magnan described as “very high” the responsibility of the accused who, he said, committed these offenses in order “to satisfy their low instincts”. The criminal couple, although having admitted the facts, showed little empathy for the victim: one of the men even calling him “the greatest liar on earth”, we learned at the time. reading the judgment.

Thus, for the counts of sexual assault, the two men must serve a sentence of four years in prison. To which the judge added a consecutive sentence of 12 months of detention for the charges relating to child pornography. The total sentence for the sex offender couple turns out to be five years.


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