Sexual assault allegations The two Tigers players released

Sexual assault allegations The two Tigers players released

The two Victoriaville Tigres players suspected in an alleged sexual assault case have been released while the investigation continues.

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The Sûreté du Québec confirms that the two 18-year-old young men arrested Tuesday in connection with the events which allegedly took place on Saturday evening in a hotel in Lac-Beauport, were released under certain conditions.

Once the investigation is completed, the file will be in the hands of the DPCP.

The alleged facts allegedly occurred last Saturday evening at the Entourage sur-le-Lac hotel located in Lac Beauport. This is where the team that had just won its first QMJHL title in 19 years was housed.

According to sources consulted by our Bureau of Investigation, the hockey players had just returned to the resort center in the suburbs of Quebec after a 3-2 triumph over the Val d’Or Foreurs.

A teenage girl who was there and a Tigers hockey player would then have fallen in the eye. The alleged victim would later be taken to the player’s room.

Initially, it seems that the teenager agreed to have a “certain form of rapprochement” with the young man she had just met, according to our sources.

But when she found that a second player was in the bedroom, the teenager allegedly withdrew her consent and refused to have sex with the latter, according to the statement she gave to the police.

According to sources in the entourage of the team, this version of events as to the consent of the teenager is denied by the players concerned.

The young girl, whose identity we are prohibited by law from revealing, reportedly went to the police station with her parents the next day to lodge a complaint.

“The Victoriaville Tigres want to take stock of the events that took place last Saturday, after the President’s Cup championship night. The organization takes these allegations of sexual assault very seriously and is working fully with the QMJHL and the authorities in this case. The organization will not issue any further comment until investigators have done their job, ”the Tigers organization wrote in a statement Wednesday morning.

Once the investigation is completed, the file will be returned to the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions.


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