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Sexual assault A manager betrayed by his DNA 10 years later

A Montrealer betrayed by his DNA 10 years after sexually assaulting a woman in front of his 4-year-old son has been found guilty across the board, despite his denials.

” [l’enfant] saw the man forcibly dragging his mother into the bathroom and watched the man pull his pants down. Without seeing his mother, he says he hears insults from the man and his mother’s cries, ”said judge Mylène Grégoire in his recent judgment against Mohamed Chaouachi.

The 39-year-old former restaurant manager committed his crime in 2008. The victim had just picked up her son from the Montreal airport, but a delay prevented her from taking the last bus back to Quebec, where she lived.

Broken teeth

Stuck, the woman rented a motel room for the night. On the way, Chaouachi approached her, complimenting her. Although he followed them in the car to the motel, she didn’t mind.

“I said to myself: ‘nothing can happen when you have a child with you'”, “she testified.

Except that once in the room, Chaouachi grabbed the woman by giving her a sign to cut her throat with her finger.

“He takes her by the hair and kisses her while pulling her towards the bathroom,” said the judge. The child is still in the room. Relating not understanding what’s going on [l’enfant] keep silent and stay on the bed. “

Dragged into the other room, the victim tripped over a sink, breaking two teeth. But that didn’t bother Chaouachi, who sexually assaulted the woman, paralyzed by fear, until the child started to cry “mom, mom …”

$ 290 in its bag

The criminal then left the scene, after stealing $ 290 from his victim’s purse. He was arrested 10 years later, betrayed by his DNA preciously preserved by the police during all these years.

During the trial, Chaouachi attempted to make it appear that the woman was in fact a escort, and that everything had been done in a consenting manner.

But his version, in which he only remembered things that made him look good, did not have the desired effect: deemed not to be credible, he was convicted of breaking and entering in order to commit a sexual assault, robbery and death threats.

Mohamed Chaouachi will return to the Montreal courthouse in February for pleadings on the sentence.


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