Sex with his daughter Incestuous father risks maximum penalty

Sex with his daughter Incestuous father risks maximum penalty

An incestuous father is at high risk of spending many years in the penitentiary for having had complete sexual relations with his daughter, and this, on about twenty times, since the Crown calls for the maximum sentence of 14 years.

About seven years ago, Noémie (not her real name) was on the dawn of her 13th birthday when she was introduced to sex by her father as part of a full sexual relationship.

To “celebrate” his birthday, the accused took his daughter to a motel room on Boulevard Hamel and made her drink beer. Lots of beer.

At the trial, Noémie mentioned that she had “the memory of a sensation, that of her father which is on top of her, of his penis which penetrates her and of the pain she feels”.

Until 2015, it was between 15 and 20 complete sexual relations that the young woman – who lived full time with her father – had.

Broken life

Monday, as part of the observations on the sentence, it is an articulate and straight young woman who appeared before Judge Mario Tremblay to testify to the consequences that these despicable acts had had on her life.

“It’s not easy … it was my father … and that changed everything … my way of being, my way of thinking. I hid everything. I created a shell for myself to be able to get through it, ”she said in a soft and calm voice.

When she chose to denounce him, Noémie once again saw her world crumble a little more.

“My dad missed his role right down the line. In the space of one night, he destroyed everything. Before, I considered him a superhero, but today, these words burn my mouth, ”she added, strongly emotional.

Fourteen years old

Based on case law, which is increasingly severe in matters of sexual assault, the prosecutor, Mr.e Michel Bérubé, asked the court to impose the maximum sentence of fourteen years on the accused.

“I am aware of what I am asking of you, but after having reread all the decisions, I do not see myself, as a representative of the company, asking you for anything other than this sentence”, he mentioned. while specifying that as a prosecutor, it was one of the “most serious cases” that he had to manage.

In defense, Me Sébastien St-Laurent asked the court for a five-year prison sentence to be imposed on his client who, although he has a long criminal record, has never had any record in matters of assault on the person.

The president of the tribunal will deliver his decision in November.


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