Sex and quality of life: a link still confirmed
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Sex and quality of life: a link still confirmed

One of the indisputable advantages of age and adulthood is the fact of being able to explore one’s sexuality, and to live it fully. And this benefit is verified at any stage of our life. “Sexual activity decreases with age, but older people are not asexual,” said Lee Smith, co-author of a British study on the subject. Previous work has revealed that seniors have an active sex life : 40% of people aged 65 to 80, interviewed for a survey cited by Time, said they had sex.

In the review Sexual Medicine, the researchers said they looked at data from around 7,000 British adults aged 50 to 89. The volunteers indicated the frequency of their sexual intercourse, and answered questions about their quality of life and their well-being. Result: adults who were sexually active tended to have higher quality of life scores, as did those who felt close to their partner.

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These findings suggest that sexual activity, whatever it is, is important for people of all ages, perhaps because of endorphin production, the hormones of love, and of feeling of emotional closeness, say the study authors. Of course, sex is not the only element to take into account to feel good in your sneakers. And being healthy and in a good mood increases the chances of having sex. The link “probably goes both ways,” says Lee Smith.

Even if this mechanism deserves to be better explored, prioritizing one’s sexuality within the framework of good health is certainly not a bad idea, conclude the scientists.

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