Setting a sales record in 2019 but Toyota Vietnam is still inferior to TC Motor

Setting a sales record in 2019 but Toyota Vietnam is still inferior to TC Motor

According to the sales results announced by Toyota Vietnam, 2019 continues to be a year of breaking the record of the “good” brand when total sales reached 79,326 units (excluding Lexus), only losing to TC Motor about 200 car. However, if excluding commercial vehicles under the Hyundai brand but only passenger cars, Toyota Vietnam still surpassed nearly 10,000 vehicles ahead. By the end of 2019, the total cumulative sales since Toyota’s presence in Vietnam has reached 617,228 vehicles.

In addition, 2019 is also a memorable year for Toyota Vietnam when celebrating the 500,000th vehicle shipped and welcoming Toyota Fortuner – a popular mid-size 7-seater SUV – back to the domestic assembly line. In addition, Lexus sales also increased strongly to 157% compared to 2018, equivalent to 1,511 vehicles.

The best-selling product of Toyota Vietnam in 2019 continues to be Toyota Vios. 2019 is not a favorable business year for this B-class sedan when it no longer guarantees the absolute “king of sales” position. In the first 2 months of 2019, Toyota Vios is continuously surpassed by the C-sized crossover Honda CR-V.

The idea that after regaining form, the product of the brand “good” will once again maintain its position, in October and November 2019, Mitsubishi Xpander – cheap MPV model imported from Indonesia – pushed Vios down to No. 2 in the top 10 car models of the month.

However, at the end of 2019, Toyota Vios is still the best-selling car in Vietnam with cumulative sales of 27,180 vehicles, far ahead of all rivals, including Mitsubishi Xpander in the 2nd place (20,098 units). .

Toyota Vios continues to be the best-selling car model in Vietnam in 2019

Toyota Vios continues to be the best-selling car model in Vietnam in 2019

In addition, appearing in the top 10 best-selling cars in Vietnam in 2019, there are two other names from Toyota’s family: Fortuner and Innova. Inside, Toyota Fortuner is the best-selling 7-seater SUV segment with cumulative sales in 2019 of 13,337 vehicles. The shift to assembling 4 versions in Vietnam helps the supply of Toyota Fortuner more stable, leading to many incentive programs, both from genuine and dealers.

For Toyota Innova, the decline is inevitable when the cheap MPV segment boomed in 2019. First is the success of Mitsubishi Xpander, then comes Suzuki Ertiga Back to the Vietnamese market with the latest generation and gradually attract the attention of consumers, making the name “old village” as Toyota Innova also encountered a little influence. However, this medium-sized MPV model still maintains a steady selling power of about 1,000 cars per month.

2019 Innova sales of 12,164 units

2019 Innova sales of 12,164 units

In addition to welcoming Toyota Fortuner back to the domestic assembly line, another big decision of Toyota Vietnam in 2019 is to bring the new generation of Toyota Camry to Vietnam but in the form of CBU imports from Thailand.

Owning a modern interior / exterior design, much younger than the previous generation, along with a range of equipment to help the brand’s product “wholesome” no longer inferior to rivals with segment, but the proposed retail price of the Toyota Camry is 70 million dong cheaper than the assembly time. These factors have made sales of D-class sedans continue to boom in 2019.

In 2018, Toyota Camry, despite the best-selling segment, only achieved average monthly sales of about 200-300 vehicles. After launching a new generation in late April 2019, the sales of Toyota Camry rapidly grow, at about 400-500 vehicles / month and peak in October 2019 with sales of up to 821 units.

In addition to the main information above, in 2019, Toyota Vietnam will also bring an upgrade between the life cycle of Toyota Avanza and a slightly improved version of Toyota Avanza. Toyota Land Cruiser. Along with that is the opening of 8 new dealers, bringing the total number of Toyota dealers nationwide to 63.

At the same time, in 2019 Toyota Vietnam has invested over 13 million USD, bringing the total investment amount to date to about 230 million USD. Its spare parts export turnover also reached nearly 64 million USD, bringing the total value to 546 million USD.

In addition to business activities, Toyota Vietnam in 2019 continues to coordinate with ministries and sectors such as the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the Ministry of Education and Training, the Ministry of Public Security, … to implement programs. annual towards society in many areas such as: Traffic safety, Environmental protection Education and training & Human resource development and Social Culture.

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