Setting a red line, Trump still punished Iran

Setting a red line, Trump still punished Iran

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                        The US president asserted that Americans were not killed in the Iranian missile attack, warning of new economic sanctions.

The United States may impose a new round of economic sanctions on Iran after it launched a missile attack on a US base in Iraq on January 8.

Dat spread by Trump pleading heavily in Iran
The President of the United States speaks from the White House.

In his speech at the White House, President Donald Trump said he would apply additional economic sanctions on Iran. These are “new strong sanctions” and will be maintained until Iran “changes its behavior” on the international playing field.

Although he did not specify any counter-action against Iran, except for sanctions, he emphasized the modernization process that the US military underwent during his tenure.

In particular, the President boasted that the US military possessed “very large and accurate” missiles, but he hoped he would not have to use them with Iran.

“The fact that we own the military and these excellent equipment does not mean that we will have to use them. We do not want to have to use them. American strength, both military and economic, has been the biggest deterrent, ”said Trump.

The US President also called for Europe to separate from the nuclear deal with Iran, calling it a “flawed agreement” and called on Iran to abandon its nuclear ambitions and end terrorist support.

Instead, Mr. Trump suggested that reaching a new agreement with Iran would “make the world a safer and more peaceful place”, which would benefit the Islamic Republic of Iran itself.

The White House boss also said he would ask NATO “to intervene more” in the process in the Middle East.

“We must all work together towards making an agreement with Iran, making the world a safer and more peaceful place” – US President said.

Dat spread by Trump pleading heavily in Iran
The image is believed to be an Iranian missile during the attack on a US military base in Iraq on January 8, 2020. Photo: Fars News Agency

Although US economic sanctions have not been announced, they continue to escalate the situation. Analysts say that the United States and Iran have invisibly created a red line for each other through underground messages to avoid escalating conflicts in the region.

The two sides stated frankly to set a series of targets on each other’s military facilities, Iran said it could wipe out the Americans from the Middle East, but their implementation was “commensurate” with the party’s move. either or “self defense”.

How the response is considered “adequate” is only understood by the United States and Iran. Facing a military power like the United States, Iran cannot and should not choose strong military action because it is suicide.

Therefore, Iran’s military actions such as the attack on the US base just enough to show the “revenge” for the US murder of General Qasem Soleimani, warning will continue to act if the US continues Escalating reactions … are both careful and wise choices.

Notably, on 8/1, Reuters news agency quoted US government and European Union sources saying that Iran seems to have deliberately avoided causing casualties to US troops when firing more than a dozen missiles at bases. The US military is stationed in Iraqi territory.

Unnamed sources commented that Iran did so to prevent the crisis from spiraling out of control, while still demonstrating Iran’s determination to retaliate against the United States after the assassination of General Soleimani.

However, the response from Mr. Donald Trump has shown a more aggressive view. Proud that no Americans were damaged in the Iranian missile attack, Mr. Trump opened a new economic embargo.

The president’s latest reaction still shows his position more than the US leader’s, and he still wants to use the strategy of maximum pressure on Iran, forcing the country by negotiating a new nuclear deal. .

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