Set of 3-minute East and West active space and cultural display
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Set of 3-minute East and West active space and cultural display

Cosmos-style eclectic space is located in Bilbao, Basque Country, with an identity set by Mark Brooks.

Coming to Cosmos, you can experience a lot of unique activities, for example, learn about true traditional Kimono, learn artistic skills to promote your creativity, or buy a few things Great Nordic style interiors, revive their cooking ability or simply visit their lovely galleries.

To match the elegant and classic style of the space, designer Mark Brooks used soft colors and rounded letters for the store identity. Let’s look at his results offline!

Mark Brooks is a graphic designer and creative director currently living in New York City. He specializes in identity design, graphic design, and project development art direction. He has attended many design conferences, exhibitions and presentations, and has worked with many major customers such as Nike, Adobe, Lufthansa, Martini, The New York Yankees, Audi, Behance Network, … See more of these Your project is here.

Source: Mark Brooks

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