Service to change Apple device warranty quickly and safely
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Service to change Apple device warranty quickly and safely

What is Apple warranty service?

– For you to understand about Apple Device warranty service, we would like to share a little bit about the concept of Apple Warranty Change service which is understood as: A product is sold and has the warranty period of the main Apple, but in the process of using the product has a technical error or damage will be changed by Apple warranty devices such as iPhone, Apple Watch, ..

– Warranty Service Apple IPhone is considered the light at the end of the road when Apple Vietnam tightens its product warranty, causing customers to buy faulty devices to not know where to go for warranty.

– Understand your difficulties, Phonehouse opens a new iPhone warranty Change service and other genuine Apple products. If you have bought and supported the service on the Shop Phonehouse, it is not strange for the service attitude, right? If you have not yet come to our service, Phonehouse will still support you.

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Warranty service change service for Apple devices at “Shop Phonehouse”

Currently at Phonehouse shop we “Get innovation all kinds of devices iPhone – iPad – Apple watch – Macbook”

With 2 innovation options applicable to all customers:

  • Option 1: Warranty 1 change 1 according to Apple policy in Vietnam (this way will have to check imei first)
  • Method 2: Warranty 1 for 1 according to Apple policy abroad (no need to check imei, my side will check the zin – eligible warranty will be accepted).

And you only need to provide the following information:

  • Type of phone: iPhone … ??
  • Device code: USA or Vietnam or ZA ??
  • Machine condition: (flooded, broken, lost power …)
  • If there is an error: (specify error …)

If the machine does not fault but want to change for new: also clearly sir (for example, the battery bottle wants to change for new, scratch to change for new …). Let us easily advise!

Conditions for changing Apple device warranty (iPhone / iPad / Macbook):

When bringing the device to Change warranty at Shop Phonehouse, you need to note some equipment conditions as follows:

– The device also has warranty on apple system.

– The original has not been repaired. (If the device is no longer original, repaired, please DO NOT SEND to avoid losing both parties’ time).

Special: Get innovation all the status of the product including: Can, dented, scratched, water, broken screen …. => New warranty machine with 100% Active yet.


Warranty period 7 – 15 working days According to Apple’s policy.

Instructions on how to check the warranty period of Apple devices:

To check the warranty period of Apple devices, go to the official Apple test page at the link below:

1, Next step Type the IMEI or Serial Number of iPhone / iPad into the required box.

2, Warranty period will be officially and publicly announced for all products with genuine origin from Apple.

Note: IMEI is a sequence of 15 numbers, see by going to the settings -> general settings -> introduction. The warranty period will be officially announced publicly for all products originating from Apple genuine worldwide.

Cost of Apple Device Warranty Change Service:

What you need to know: “The cost of changing equipment warranty, depends on the status of the device.”

Prices may change from time to time and will be updated soonest.

Iphone: Code VN / A – status scratched battery bottles, old bh apple want to change 800k, 1tr, 1tr2,1tr4

iPad: Code VN / A – status scratched battery bottles, old bh apple want to change 800k, 1tr, 1tr2,1tr4

Apple Watch: only change GPS – scratched battery bottle status, old bh apple want 1tr2, 1tr2,1tr4 exchange

Macbook: Apple only partially changed devices and components – the status of battery bottle scratches, old bh apple wanted to change 1 mil, 1.2 mil VND

To register for warranty service for iPhone / iPad / Macbook / Apple Watch please visit the link here


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