Serbian expert: Mr. Biden will launch the Crimean war

Serbian expert: Mr. Biden will launch the Crimean war

In a recent commentary, the Serbian newspaper Politika quoted military expert Slobodan Samardzhia as saying that the United States and NATO military alliance members are preparing for an attack on Crimea.

Serbian expert: Ong Biden will support the Crimean clan
The United States could launch a war on the Crimean peninsula.

Accordingly, Mr. Samardzhia said that the threat of a military conflict between the US and Russia still exists in the future. The evidence is that the recent US-led military coalition exercises in Europe are directed towards the border with Russia.

In the past few years, there have been more than once a fight between Russian and American warships in the Black Sea, which is considered Moscow’s “backyard” for a long time.

The year 2021 could turn the US-Russian war of words into a real clash, especially when Washington doesn’t have the courage to attack China, he said.

According to Mr. Samardzhia, the US may not invade Crimea in the context of domestic turmoil, but the future may change when US President-elect Joe Biden wants to show him how steadfast he is. Come on. Besides, the invasion of Crimea, will turn the attention of the Americans from internal matters to external ones.

However, an invasion of Crimea by the US is unlikely.

The US itself is not strong enough to openly oppose Russia, the author asserts. Even the US military budget that was many times the Russian budget did not guarantee American victory.

Washington is well aware that an offshore war is unlikely to end in victory and that the United States cannot rely entirely on its European allies.

The author of the article did not elaborate on why the US could not win against Russia if it launched a war on Crimea in the context that the United States still has the highest military spending in the world and even Russia.

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) at the end of 2019 said the US spent $ 732 billion (up 5.3%), accounting for 38% of the world’s total spending on defense. Russia has returned to the top 5 most spending power on defense with about 3.9% of GDP ($ 65.1 billion, up 4.5%) on defense budgets, the highest level in a decade. last century.

After annexing Crimea into its territory, Russia concentrated its defenses there. The 3M44 Progress Utes anti-ship missile system and the intricate bunker system that has been in service for 50 years now still assist the Russian army in defending the Crimean Peninsula.

During the Kavkaz-2020 exercise, the country also showed off many state-of-the-art special military equipment for defense in this key area.

According to The Drive, these coastal defense systems are just one aspect of one of the largest concentrations of anti-ship missile capabilities in the world.

Combined with the Black Sea fleet and Russian air forces, Moscow’s military can quickly turn nearly the entire restricted Black Sea into a battle zone with super-class anti-ship missiles in time. short.

The dense and flexible defenses in Crimea could secure this security circle from the assaults of the US and its allies in Europe.

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