Serbia unveiled a new generation of M-84 main battle tanks

Serbia unveiled a new generation of M-84 main battle tanks


Serbia unveiled a new generation of M-84 main battle tanks



The Serbian Defense Ministry has just launched the new generation of the legendary M-84 main battle tank, called M-84 AS1.

On June 8, Serbian Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin and Chief of Staff of Serbian armed forces attended the launch of a modernized version of the M-84 AS1 at the Cacak Technical Institute.

“Thanks to the modernization process, now with the M-84 AS1 we can say that Serbia has one of the most advanced tank forces, not only in the region but also in the whole of Europe,” Minister Vulin said. .

According to Vulin, the Serbian armed forces are being modernized, equipped, strengthened and all branches deserve the same attention.

“In previous years, we paid special attention to the Air Force and Air Defense, and now it is the Army’s turn. This is a revolution and a big step forward. After the creation of the M-84 34 years ago, the modernization process was carried out in 1991 but this program was never completed. This is the first time that the M-84 modernization program has been completed. We will continue to improve the capacity and power of tanks and armored units, ”affirmed Minister Vulin.

M-84 AS1 is a modernized version of the main battle tank line produced by Serbian Defense Industry Company Yugoimport SDPR. The upgraded version has improved fire performance, defense and maneuverability as well as combat readiness.

The M-84AS body is similar to a Soviet-made T-72 with three main parts, a driver in the front, a turret in the middle, and an engine behind. The M-84AS turret and hull are made of steel, titanium and hard aluminum.

M-84AS is powered by V-46TK Diesel engine generating 1,200 horsepower. The tank has a maximum speed of 72km / h and a range of 450-700km. Vehicles equipped with anti-nuclear, chemical and biological weapons as well as thermal imaging system to detect targets./.

Hoang Pham / VOV.VN (translated)
According to Defense Blog


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