Sentenced for having fomented hatred An arborist returns to justice

Sentenced for having fomented hatred An arborist returns to justice

An arborist convicted three years ago for promoting hatred found himself in court again on Tuesday, this time to be sentenced on charges of impaired driving causing bodily harm.

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In 2017, a few days after the massacre at the Great Mosque of Quebec, Samuel Huot appeared at the Quebec City courthouse following hate speech made against the hard-hit Muslim community.

A year and a half later, Huot was sentenced to serve a 60-day intermittent detention sentence in addition to being subject to an 18-month probation period. However, a few weeks after being sentenced, he was involved in a collision while impaired by drugs.

“While the gentleman was driving, several calls were made reporting that he was driving erratically. He crashed into the victim’s vehicle and then left the scene to finally be intercepted in the parking lot of the Quebec City detention center ”, briefly recalled the prosecutor, Mr.e Jean-Sébastien Lebel to judge Bernard Lemieux.

Although the blood tests showed that the man was severely intoxicated and that the victim suffered significant injuries, but “not permanent”, the pre-sentence report qualified as “very good” by the interveners in the case led them to suggest to the Court to impose a sentence of 90 days to be served intermittently.

“During the commission of the offenses, the gentleman was in a darker period of his life and his legal disputes occurred at the same time as the death of his two parents. The victim is very empathetic and she wants him to be able to continue on the right track since since then he has stopped his consumption, ”added the prosecutor.

The detention period will be accompanied by a two-year probationary period, 120 hours of community service and a donation of $ 1,500 which will be given to RÉHAB, a Beauceron organization that works in particular to prevent recidivism.


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